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 Return on Energy 

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ROE® is a methodology developed to get the right people in the right seats communicating the right way to maximize your business's return on investment.

According to Harvard Business Review "Poor Communication is often a symptom of a different problem."Three distinct roles compose any successful organization, and those roles are determined by "Ways" of thinking and communicating. ROE will help to identify where there is misalignment within your organization and provide you a roadmap on how to create alignment to improve business performance.

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Way One
Chief Vision Officer

The Way One is the company's idea architect. Focused on "the bigger picture," Way Ones provide the vision and set the business objectives.

Way Two
V.P. of Vision

Way Twos the take the rough sketch of the Way One's idea and develop the strategic plans that align with the vision and the business objectives in order to bridge the idea to action.

Way Three
Vision Coordinator

Integral to any company are the Way Threes - the action officers, the people who perform the tasks that accomplish the steps that make up the strategy and bring everything to fruition.

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Michael's innovative, game-changing approach, centered around the proprietary concept of Return on Energy®, is born of his unorthodox viewpoint that turns business organizations on their side and teaches leaders and management a new way to achieve personal growth and business success. Learn more about Mike's story.


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