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Episode 70 - Theme vs. Custom Website

January 25, 2021

Listen to "70: Theme vs. Custom Website

70: Theme vs. Custom Website

Today, theme design (if it’s done right) doesn’t mean inferior quality – while it’s more affordable, it doesn’t mean “cheap.” At the end of the day, everybody loves a subscription or automated process that makes their lives easier, right? Well, a flexible theme design is like paying for a subscription model of a website that allows you to accelerate your growth. 

And it’s time to start working smarter for your website, not harder.

On this episode, we talk about this and more: https://www.mojomedialabs.com/blog/shift-in-custom-vs-theme-website-design

Send your questions to podcast@mojomedialabs.com 

(Music Credit) Romos - Catharsis: youtu.be/xsmlB4e1d00


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