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Episode 54 - Calling Out Implicit Bias at Work

June 26, 2020

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How to Reduce Unconscious Bias at Work

Examples of unconscious or implicit (they mean the same thing, we discovered) bias that all of us: 

“Bropropriating” is my new favorite word.

  • Preferring candidates with certain names.
  • The halo effect.
  • The similarity bias.
  • Gender bias.
  • Confirmation bias.
  • “Bropropriating.”
  • Height discrimination. 

Steps to addressing and reducing implicit bias:

1. Learn what unconscious biases are.

2. Assess which biases are most likely to affect you.

3. Figure out where biases are most likely to affect your organization.

4. Modernize your approach to hiring.

5. Let data inform your decisions.

6. Bring diversity into your hiring decisions.

7. Encourage team members to speak up about biases.

8. Hold employees accountable.

9. Set diversity goals.


Steph: Check out Wind of Change podcast, wherever you get your podcasts

Allison: Check out Nick Offerman and Megan Mullaley's podcast, In Bed with Nick and Megan. And the new USA Gymnastics/Larry Nassar documentary on Netflix, Athlete A.

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