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Episode 52 - How to be Data and Goal-Focused in Your Campaign Marketing

June 12, 2020

data focused

Show Notes:

Leveraging Data and Goals in Your Campaign Marketing

  • Start with a Goal
  • You NEED to start with a goal for your campaigns.
  • It’s ok if your goal isn’t very robust for your first campaigns.
  • If you have a goal then EVERYONE can ask themselves if what they are working on is helping to achieve that goal. It gives you a check and balance across your entire team.
  • As you get more sophisticated your goals should be revenue based.
  • ABM pulled marketing to start thinking about revenue, and this can’t stop with ABM.
  • When it comes to choosing the right goal, it’s ok not to know where to start. You can set goals that you adjust later because either they are too high or too low.
  • We as marketers can’t really ever stop when we meet a goal. We need to celebrate it, but then it’s time to figure out why we hit it and move on to hitting new goals, or pushing harder to blow our goal out of the water.

Bring in Data

  • There are two areas to bring in data, when you are building a campaign and after it’s live.
  • When building a campaign after you set your goal, what is the relevant data you need to review? Odds are you might already have reviewed it, but you need to know how your other campaigns and similar assets are performing first.
  • Previous campaigns
  • Audience data
  • Web traffic
  • Anything else relevant?
  • After you have developed your campaign, check the data again. Did you come up with any ideas that the data refutes?
  • When your campaign is live data is the lifeblood to decision making. As much as we at Mojo would love to promise results, we can’t.
  • Data is your map, always your map. If you aren’t sure how successful something is you probably need to look at more data.
  • Data overrides everything - almost
  • The key to being a data-focused marketer is to treat data like that annoying boss/teacher that won’t let you go to the bathroom without permission. Data is your 10th grade bathroom pass. ALWAYS check in with it.
  • From there practice, practice, practice.
  • The more you practice the faster it will go, the more you can extrapolate with less data points, and the more you’ll be able to see the full picture.

Nothing is Sacred

  • Data should override almost everything. If the data is telling you the campaign isn’t working but it should be, guess what? That data is telling you something is wrong with your audience or your overall strategy.
  • When I mean almost everything, we’ve seen companies completely change their product based on the data that their customers were providing them.
  • That’s the extreme, but don’t dig in when data tells you something is wrong, be willing to think outside the box your campaign created for you.
  • Be willing to throw everything out if the data tells you to. Don’t get me wrong, one bad email doesn’t mean you start over, but what I mean is if your data tell you that your goal isn’t achievable then you need to find a new goal.

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