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Episode 4 - All the SEO You Can Eat

February 22, 2019


Couple eating an SEO Burger

Show Notes

SEO. Buffet-style. Because we like food. (Music Credit) Romos - Catharsis: youtu.be/xsmlB4e1d00



WIN: Shout out to James from our team, who showed me this one. This marketing win is from the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. Brilliant, fearless, humorous. So many good things to talk about here. Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month


  • An uncomfortable subject, taboo, people don’t talk about it
  • “Don't Assume” is the organization’s 2019 National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month public awareness campaign.
  • Use of Humor without making fun of a serious issue
  • Getting attention and spreading awareness, this is how it's done.



On Page SEO for 2019

Evaluate your top pages. Blitz through this massive checklist from MOZ. How does your on-page SEO look for 2019?



Digital Ad Spending

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