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Episode 26 - The Road to Inc5000 with Mike Rose

August 23, 2019

R. Michael Rose


For our “Impress Your Boss” segment today, we’re switching it up and doing “Interview Your Boss” because today we’re excited to welcome Mike Rose, the Founder and CEO of Mojo Media Labs, to the podcast. As you all know, Allison and I are part of the Mojo Media Labs team, Mojo is a digital agency headquartered in Dallas, Texas, which is where Mike is right now.

So, last week we had a big announcement about Inc5000 and this week Mike joins us to share the story of how we made it on the list this year. 

Welcome, Mike Rose!


What’s the significance of Inc5000? What does it mean to you?

Tell us a little about the early days of the agency.

What were some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced leading the agency?

What helped Mojo get where we are today?

Who are some of your favorite companies on the Inc5000?

What are you looking forward to most at Inbound this year?

How can marketing teams support company growth and start those conversations?

  • Understand what growth means to your company
  • Why are you trying to grow? Growing for the right reasons?
  • Getting the culture message right to prospective employees and clients, recruiting the right people
  • Inspire, have to be genuine and transparent, you can’t fake it

More about Inc5000 here.

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