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Episode 14 - Are Your Landing Pages Converting?

May 17, 2019

Open book with light coming from it

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Oooops! Dave Ramsey sent out a "file your taxes early" email but, surprise....they sent it after April 15. It happens.


Are your landing pages converting? We run through a list of dos and don’ts for landing pages.

  • Have clear goals for your landing page.
  • Know and speak to your audience. Personalize!
  • Remove navigation and other distracting elements.
  • Use just 1 CTA.
  • Avoid bad stock photos.
  • Use animated Gifs or Video.
  • Build trust using best design practices, include contact info, security/HTTPS.
  • Spend time crafting a great headline.
  • Make sure your site speed is good and page loads quickly.
  • Mobile optimize your page/website and test your LP on mobile.
  • Keep forms short, unless they need to be long.
  • Use tools to ensure clean data.
  • A/B test and utilize your data to refine your message.




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