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Episode 11 - Will AI Drive Double Digit Revenue Growth?

April 19, 2019



Show Notes

Marketers are only dipping their toes into the waters of artificial intelligence so far, but DemandBase survey data shows those same marketers have faith that AI could drive double-digit revenue growth over the next two years.
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We’re taking the show to the AI Frontier. A new DemandBase survey data shows that marketers are just dipping their toes in artificial intelligence, but those same marketers think AI could drive double-digit revenue growth over the next two years.

But first...

  • Lots of love to our Mojo fam who have had a trying week with family emergencies! 

  • Mike & Nikole featured on Flip My Funnel podcast talking about our culture of transparency and how we do Open Book Management. Listen & subscribe!


AI. Chatbots. Conversational Marketing. Predictive analytics. Allll the data.

Are you on the AI Frontier?

Demandbase Survey says 85% of marketers using AI Intelligence believe it will drive double-digit revenue growth within two years.



We’re talking about AI, so an AI fail is only appropriate. Support bots beware.

Twitter users have fun with a poor little Snapchat Support Bot.



FB Carousels. Are they coming? Vertical scrolling vs. Swiping…. What do you prefer, and could this be a paradigm shift for user behavior beyond social platforms?

TechCrunch gets into it.

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