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Marketing Strategist



As a marketing strategist, James is obsessed with figuring out how to create growth for companies. Finding the right levers to pull, aligning sales and marketing, and creating the right strategies to attract customers is what energizes him every day. James has a strong passion for solving complex puzzles and loves to find a new challenge. James brings experience as a writer, marketing automation specialist, board gamer, and yo-yoer to his strategic role every day.

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Why Mojo?

Being at a company that is so transparent with such a welcoming culture, I don’t need to say much more, but I will. Mojo has given me the opportunity to grow, always letting me try new things. The leadership team knows me and has helped and encouraged me to do my best work.

Skill Set
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Automation
  • Writing
  • I have half the skill of flying a plane - I can do it, but they’d rather I got my license first
Bucket List
  • Sky diving
  • Getting a tattoo, I just can’t decide what to get
  • See David Gilmour in concert
  • Grow a wizard beard (I assume it comes with magic powers)
Sweet or Salty

Salty until after 8 pm