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The three pillars of Mojo culture


Our core values are passion, creativity, ridiculous results, conscious collaboration, curiosity and reliability. We define our core values and the behaviors one exhibits to put them into action on a daily basis. For example, Reliability is one of our core values. Our team repeats this refrain among ourselves - are you being reliable and accountable? Are you doing what you say you are going to do, when you say you’re going to do it, or resetting expectations? Leadership and managers have these conversations, but the way we know it’s ingrained in our fabric, our people hold each other accountable and self manage. Our managers “coach the people” rather than “manage the work,” and our team coaches each other. We center our contributions around consistency, quality and results. Our work filters through our values — does it meet the results? Were you reliable to the the scope of work? Did you put your passion, and creativity into the output?

Curious about how our Core Values can help your company get ridiculous results?


Conscious Collaboration-icon-1


work as a team to reach common objectives



delivering solutions through problem solving



wildly curious and hungry to experiment



have a borderline obsession about your work



continuously improve and exceed expectations



do what you say you’ll do, when you say you’ll do it


At Mojo, we are a certified Results Only Work Environment ™. We believe work isn’t a place you go, it’s what you do to produce great results. We like to say that living by core values equals doing the right thing when no one is looking, so we don’t look, hover or micromanage. To be a ROWE, you cannot simply say it’s synonymous with “flexible schedules and self-management.” It’s breaking the social norms of thinking that presenteeism = productivity, and that 40 hours worked = efficient and productive, or that 60 hours worked in a week = top performer. This helps remove all the traditional workplace politics and allows our people to use their energy and focus on their work. A ROWE encourages creative thinking, elevates the output of work, strengthens perspectives, and attracts more seasoned talent.



In terms of results, Mojo practices transparent financials. We not only open up our books to our team members, but everyone is trained on the annual budget, understands the top line and bottom line goals, and how to make an impact on revenue and profitability. Each team member either owns the forecasting and budgeting of a general ledger or plays a part in facilitating our weekly staff huddles around forecasting for the monthly financials. We can practice nimble, real-time financial planning and management vs. waiting for the books to close and being reactive vs. proactive. Not only does this create line of sight to how our team’s work impacts the bottom line, but we’re helping with soft skills of financial literacy, creative decision making, and enriching their personal lives by teaching forecasting and budgeting for the future and economic downturns. They don’t teach to this level in schools, and we’re seeing a major engagement spike out of our millennial population by arming them with a new skill, empowering them, and turning a perceived stereotype of entitlement into ownership.

To recognize our team for living out the core values of reliability, conscious collaboration, and ridiculous results as it relates to being a ROWE and practicing OBM, we have an aggressive bonus program tied to our results as an organization because we firmly believe that if you help run our company, and act like an owner, then you deserve a piece of the pie.

At Mojo we reward those who act like owners and produce quality work efficiently by extending to our team members the best of all three worlds: the autonomy of a CEO, the safety net of a team member, and the flexibility of someone who is self-employed and self-managed.