Owner of Mojo’s Channel Partnerships - Revenue Function

Dallas-based preferred | Some travel required


The Channel Account Manager will be the primary relationship holder of Mojo’s own partners with a long-range strategy for how to grow our partner relationships. Focusing on core and edge tech, our partners have strong motivation to engage with Mojo as we can help their customers implement and showcase ROI for their tech-stack investments. The CAM will co-create and manage a channel partner growth plan to overwhelm us with partner-sourced SQLs, establish Mojo as the go-to partner within their ecosystems, and continually work with external stakeholders to develop new opportunities (collaborative marketing, speaking, partner staff education, etc.) for exposure to take our partnership to the next level. The CAM should also collaborate with internal stakeholders from revenue and operations to obtain marketing support and increase our tech SME knowledge internally/opportunities to level-up. From partner growth and lifecycle management, to collaborative marketing and sales, the CAM will be the generator of one of Mojo’s most profitable lead sources.

The main obsessions for this role include...

  1. Obsess over creating solid relationships with channel partners to drive consistent and overwhelming pipeline opportunities
  2. "Leveling Up" with our partner status with key channel partner relationships
  3. Drive demand by leveraging partner marketing dollars
  4. Contract and partner commission management
  5. Evangelize the Mojo brand

Core competencies & Character Traits that make a great Channel Account Manager are:

  • Autonomous
  • Relational
  • Self-starter
  • Persuasive
  • Competitive
  • Creative
  • Results-oriented
  • Growth-driven
  • Responsive
  • Inventive
  • Revenue-hungry
  • Financially literate
  • ROI-minded

Tech Stack Experience Desired

Some or similar experience with the following tech desired: HubSpot (CMS, CRM/Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Service Hub), Salesforce, Terminus, Demandbase, Drift, DiscoverOrg, ZoomInfo (a DiscoverOrg company)

Daily activities to turn this role into reality include, but are not limited to:

Program Development

Work with Mojo’s CRO to develop a comprehensive Channel Account plan that will serve as a framework to develop relationships, and create evangelists out of Mojo’s partners. The plan should serve as a model and predictable matrix that can be followed and managed to that serves to qualify emerging partners, helps to level-up with/accelerate existing partnerships, and maturing long-standing relationships.

Relationship Development & Creating Mojo Evangelists

Grow and manage 4-5 Core Tech partnerships at a time, as well as X edge tech partners as the market demands and Mojo leadership deems necessary. The CAM should focus constantly on selling The Mojo Way to partner contacts, and expanding reach within our partners’ ecosystems to create Mojo brand evangelists. Working with Mojo Makers internally to encourage tech expertise within the partner SaaS/tools will be a collaborative effort with Operations, and a key way to level-up with partners.

Curating Opportunities

The CAM should be highly relational and creative in order to vet for, develop, ask for, and drum up opportunities to land and expand with partners, as well as educate our partners’ sales and marketing teams. Think scoring webinars, lunch and learns, speaking opportunities, and co-marketing initiatives galore! 


Beyond role-fit, all Mojo Makers are continuously measured for culture and organizational fit if you …

  • Live all six core values 80%+ of the time (Creativity, Passion, Reliability, Conscious Collaboration, Professional Development, Ridiculous Results as defined here)
  • Get it, want it, & have the skill & mental capacity to do it 
  • Get your work done on time, to quality expectations, via The Mojo Way while tracking your time while exhibiting what it takes to excel in a ROWE environment
  • Are focused on delivering our mission of Helping Our Clients Grow Smarter with a revenue and growth-oriented mindset


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All candidates should be both a skill and culture fit! 3 PILLARS OF MOJO'S CULTURE