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You Have Interesting, Creative Content! Now What?

November 21, 2016 Chandler Smith



So you just wrote a compelling blog, huh? That edgy promotional video was pretty awesome, too. Your infographic on chicken farming and why egg carton labels deceive people into paying more (those poor, poor chickens) was stellar. That’s all well and good, but if you aren’t promoting your content effectively, you aren’t reaching a big portion of your potential target audience. A winning plan that is not.  

Taking advantage of social media to promote content is an art that requires weeks, months and even years of fine-tuning. Most of this tuning is a matter of learning which channels work best for your company and where your audience hangs. You don’t want your precious content to go to waste, so it’s time to learn how to get more eyeballs on what really matters — your work. 

1. Visuals Always Win the Day 

It’s well known that content with visuals performs dramatically better than content without them. As a matter of fact, content with visuals receives 94 percent more views than its counterpart. It’s no wonder, then, that infographics and videos are the highest performing types of content on social media. And while views are totally rad, social media posts with visuals are shared way more (35 percent more, actually). With everyone hopping on the visual media train, there’s no excuse in 2016 to ignore the returns of marketing eye candy.    

2. Be a Pest…in a Good Way 

When you have a crush on someone, it’s common to be unsure of how to communicate your feelings to said person. You don’t want to not tell them anything, but you also don’t want to come off as weird or obsessive, either. You gotta play it cool. 

When you’re trying to interact with social media influencers in your industry, take a similar approach. If you have something neat to share you think is relevant, you should @mention them. At the same time, if you see something an influencer publishes you find interesting, share it with your network and mention them again. A nice compliment here and there can go a long way towards developing a relationship with some hip and influential industry players. 

3. Content Promotion isn’t a One-and-Done Thing 

Speaking of pests, here’s a way you can be a real pest (but not, because your content is awesome, duh) — be relentless with your content promotions. Don’t just share your content one time. On Twitter, you can expect the lifetime of a single tweet to not exceed one hour. That edgy video you made? Go crazy and tweet it out three times in one day and do the same the next week. Be more judicious with certain channels, of course (once a fortnight might do for LinkedIn). Even in the case of LinkedIn, don’t be afraid to post the same piece of content again later on, especially if it’s gaining traction. 

Now back to the date example. If you showed up to every date wearing the same clothes, it would be a little off-putting to say the least. You need to not only mix up your wardrobe to stay interesting, but be aware of the context of your date. You’re not going to show up at a nice Italian restaurant wearing a tank-top (unless that’s your thing — you do you). In the same way, don’t apply hashtags in your LinkedIn posts (the tank-tops of social media). Adjust to your channels and mix up copy for best results. 

In other words, for the maximum return possible, your infographic’s fashion game must be — as the kids say — on fleek.    

Content, Social Media and Inbound Marketing 

Inbound marketing relies on the promotion of informative, compelling content. Whether it’s someone completely new to your brand, or a loyal customer, the value of social media promotion knows no bounds. The more eyes see your content, the more likely those people will proceed down the buyer’s journey and become leads. You never know who could see your content. 

Be a pest.   

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