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Which Vision Leader Are You?

November 3, 2010 Mike Rose

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Are you the CVO (Chief Vision Officer) of your company? Do you micromanage or empower your direct reports. Are your business objectives, business results getting accomplished? Do you carry the 'passion-torch' throughout the company everyday? Does everyone see the same vision as you?

Are you the VP of Vision. Does the CVO constantly run in to your office with one great idea after another? Are you having a hard time managing all the details with no time to put a plan together and stick-to-it? Do your peers have the same challenges? Do some of your peers seem to have less challenge than you?

Or are you the one who seems to "do all the tasks around here?" Are you being micromanaged? Do you manage your tasks everyday with constant interruption? Do you get the pats on the back you deserve? Are vendors/suppliers/consultants providing you the value you need? Is your boss providing you all the information you need to not just do you job, but know actually why you are doing it?

The ROE Methodology will answer all these question and more! The ROE Book should be a must read before speaking to anyone at work, not to mention reading any book on leadership, strategy, management, business startups, etc. Again, did I mention, there is a 100% ah-ha moment?

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