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What's the DNA of your ROI?

January 10, 2012 Mike Rose

Whats the DNA of Your ROI.png

"Return on Energy is the energy behind an idea" p.134 "ROE Powers ROI" coming out February 15, 2012

ROE is a simple process to take idea to action regardless of the stage the business is in on the life cycle. It’s idea, plan, action. All ideas have a force behind them, energy that has to be expelled by a lot of people to make it successful to get to the 15 percent “wealth” category. Do you have strong arrows? Are you wearing many hats or jumping from one seat to the next? Do you modify your thinking and communication style as a result or do you expect people to adapt to you? Are your people doing the same thing? Are we connecting the right people to their desired results? Ideas do not have to be game changers; even small ideas that improve an existing process can have dramatic ROI effect.

ROE is the DNA in ROI and without ROE, ROI will end up DOA.

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