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What do you see first?

April 12, 2011 Mike Rose

What Do You See First.png

What do you see first when you look at this logo?

What’s in a name?

When our company is asked to redesign or create a new logo for a client we always start by asking the question, is there anything in the brand’s DNA that lends itself to playing a lead role in the logo itself.  Sometimes the answer is no, but many times the opposite is true.  Such was the case in the logo our company designed for my Return on Energy Methodology.

At the core of Return on Energy or more to the point, a major compound of its core DNA, is return on investment.  As you will no doubt gather by reading this book, we believe that positive return on investment is locked up inside of true ROE.  In other words, those who follow and practice ROE will inevitably achieve higher return on investment in their company, and in their life as well.

I have shown this logo to hundreds of people in the course of preparing this book, and very few actually see the ROE without prompting.  The surprise when I point it out to them is actually pretty entertaining, but more importantly it provides me, usually, with a bit of a teachable moment where I can successfully convey one of the central tenants of ROE.   Which is, when you look at business you generally see ROI first too. When you set up your processes and training to increase return on energy, you will find that ROI naturally increases as well.

Hence the logo.


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