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The Convergence & Balance of; Time, Money and Effort.

September 5, 2014 Mike Rose

Time, Money, Effort.png

Return On Energy® - the convergence & ultimately the balance of; time, money and effort.

The Holy Grail of training & speaking is to change behavior as quickly as possible to have a positive impact to the bottom line as quickly as possible. Most theories or business concepts are difficult, time consuming and sometimes not possible to put into action to impact results.

What makes an organization tick? Can all the parts really work together...harmoniously? How do different people composed of different thinking and communication styles align themselves to common group objectives that benefit the business as a whole?

ROI (return on investment) is made up of money, time and effort. Our competitors have just as much time as we do, and in most cases more money. I believe that the effort, the ‘energy of the three combined’ is what sets us apart in our business or in our careers. Have you ever asked, “How do we work smarter, not harder?” The program you select to help grow your business or advance your career should answer this vital question.

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