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Specific Sends for Specific People

June 15, 2022 RaeAnne English

In almost all aspects of your business, having a touch of personalization isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes it's the difference between a run-of-the-mill campaign and something groundbreaking. A little touch of what makes your business unique can go a long way.

The Power of Personalization

If you’ve ever had a customer experience where you might have signed up for some info, you get the standard intro email.ut then a personalized message that happens to find you at just the right time triggers a deeper incentive to buy and it all starts with feeling recognized.

Or have you ever been involved in a purchasing decision for your company, you're doing your market research, and all of the sudden a gift comes from a company you’ve considered? It's a gift basket thanking you for your consideration and wishing you well. Nothing from the others, who are you going with?

The right send at the right time has the power to bring people closer to your brand, keep you top of mind, and even humanize the whole journey. Isn’t that the goal? Provide a strong customer experience and close more sales

A Send for Every Phase of the Customer Journey

Starting with demand gen going into sales development, sales customers, and retention sending is applicable during the entire customer journey. 

There are many great benefits to sending like: helping to drive the pipeline, engaging prospects in further deals in the funnel, and retaining customers. Whether you are trying to reach new customers, touch base with old prospects, or just maintain a good relationship with your existing customers, sending is a powerful way to do that.


If you would like to see some of the specific sends broken down by category check out our ABM-A-THON On Demand for this session and slides.

Blend Generates 40X Return on Pipeline Value

We want to share a campaign covered in this session that helped generate 40X return on pipeline value for Blend. 

First, they wanted to run a win-back campaign to re-engage their accounts that were closed last year knowing they are still high-value prospects. They worked with the demand generation team, started defining a list of opportunities from the previous quarter, identified the primary contacts and the top prospects, then thought of a creative way to reach out to them.

The team was able to automate sending these prospects some co-branded cupcakes from Blend at specific touch points of the sequence. 

They saw great results with conversions of 62% from cold leads into opportunities, and the campaign produced almost 40X ROI on pipeline value.

Attempting campaigns like this can be a significant eye-opener because even if it's one of your first initial campaigns, you get to operate with a new level of creativity with your high-touch prospects and potentially generate a ton of pipeline.

Key TakeAways for Success

The moral of the story is whether you're trying to win new customers or bring back old ones. The right send at the right time can work wonders.

Using this strategy within your own pipeline not only has the appeal of high conversion but it gets your team operating more in sync. If your team has the positive momentum and your customers get a unique experience everyone wins.

From accelerating sales velocity to increasing brand awareness “sending” might just be your next winning strategy.

If you would like some extra details find the sessions, slides, and more with our ABM-A-thon On Demand

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