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Redesigning a Website for a User-Centric, Flexible Approach

December 17, 2019 Alyson Wuamett

Teknion Hubspot Award

Teknion Data Solutions is a Texas-based data consulting group with a full suite of key software partners, such as Tableau (data visualization platform) and Alteryx (data analytics platform), among others.

Masters of data strategy, software training, data analytics, data warehousing, visualization, and a host of data-related expertise, they help their customers put all the pieces together to create a strong business intelligence system and solve data challenges for their business. 

Earlier this year, Teknion decided to revamp close to 90 percent of their content and change the way they talked about their services. Because of their more customer-centric content approach, they knew they also needed a better structure to their sitemap to achieve better engagement.

 “Our website was no longer meeting the needs of our organization. The look, feel, and content of our site was outdated. The current site was not scalable, and although it drove a lot of traffic, we did not see the level of conversions we expected.”

- William Collins, CMO at Teknion Data Solutions

Next, Teknion desired more flexibility in editing their website. They found their current website was difficult to manage and took too long to request a simple edit or change since it required development work. They desperately needed a more flexible solution.

As a long-time client of Mojo Media Labs, they were intrigued to learn about our recent acquisition of a web development team. They immediately reached out and asked us to help. 

Getting Started

Mojo worked closely with the Teknion team to truly understand their goals and objectives for the new website. Taking the time to do so was an essential factor in the success and smoothness of this launch. Teknion identified these main objectives in the blueprint process:

  1. Increase qualified visitations to the website.
  2. Drive greater conversion of website traffic into sales qualified opportunities and/or convert opportunities into closed sales where applicable.
  3. Tell the Teknion story more effectively.
  4. Create better user experience and drive higher engagement for our clients, prospects and Partners.
  5. Position Teknion as Thought Leaders within the Advanced Data Analytics industry and as data experts within key client verticals.

With strategic guidance from the Mojo team, they finished revamping all their content from the old website. With their new messaging strategy and copy ready, they needed an online experience that would match. Our team at Mojo restructured the entire navigation on their new redesign and adapted the sitemap to ensure better user experience. 


Modular Design

With Teknion’s new content and sitemap ready to go, our development team got to work on building them a more flexible website. Our development team at Mojo uses a “Modular Design Philosophy.” The process involves creating a flexible template with reusable components as opposed to a collection of static pages. This approach allowed us to give Teknion precisely what they needed by developing fewer templates and more power. This gives them the flexibility to grow and evolve at their own pace.

Libraries of Content

When it came to giving Teknion a more flexible solution to their website headaches, Mojo shined. By utilizing HubSpot’s technology enhancements like HubDB, our team was able to create an even better user experience for Teknion. 

“The Mojo team created unique content modules that provide a great user experience while supplying a different approach to navigating content within certain pages. They offered us a solution that allows us to be self-sufficient for 95% of future content development.”

- William Collins

With these libraries of content, the Teknion team can easily update content in one area instead of multiple pages. This content, such as events, teams, resources, and more, can then be used and automatically updated across multiple pages on their site. But we didn’t stop there. To give Teknion even more power over their own website, our development team leveraged the modular templates and HubDB systems to allow them the ability to extract global pieces, filter it down, and make them unique to certain pages via tags. This was a new, innovative way to use these tools, and we were excited to launch it.

For an inside look at how this feature works, Sam McKinney, Senior Developer at Mojo Media Labs, walks us through the process in this 3-minute video.

HubSpot Video




As a result, Teknion and Mojo produced a beautifully designed, user-focused, flexible website that everyone is very proud to show off. Our development team was challenged during the process and pushed the levels of innovation that resulted in a remarkably powerful and efficient website. 

While it is too soon to report any long term data, since launching in October 2019, early indications are already positive for Teknion’s website traffic. While most newly launched websites see a slight dip in numbers right after launching, Teknion saw a 23% increase in organic traffic compared to the previous month. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 12.28.04 PM

“We are so happy with the new site. We have already seen an uptick in engagement and conversion since launching the site less than a month ago.”

- William Collins

Now the Teknion team can continue to spend less time updating their site or building out new webpages and focus their valuable time on growing their business. Check it out at teknionusa.com

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