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New Office. Better Mojo!

March 17, 2017 Nikole Rose

Welcome to Mojo Media Labs!

On March 1st Mojo Media Labs welcomed their employees and clients into their new office space. We are excited to announce that we are in the same building in Las Colinas, but you can now find us on the 10th floor in suite #1050.

Moving into a new office is always exciting! But what makes this new office space so unique and fascinating? Well, as many of you may know, Mojo Media Labs is known to have a fun and creative environment - from the artsy and talented team members, to an open and colorful office space. Due to our culture focused personality, the new office has all of that and more! (and when we say more…well just wait and see for yourself) So, check out our new digs!

1. Shared office space

400-e-las-colinas-blvd-irving-tx-High-Res-9.jpgWe are honored to have American Solutions for Business officing with us. American Solutions for Business is an international leading distributor of print, promotional products, retail solutions and office supplies with vast eCommerce & Logistical Program management experience. With over 30,000 customers and 800 employees we couldn't be happier they're our partner. So, whether it's digital marketing or offline marketing you need; we've got you covered! 

2. Spectacular view of Downtown Dallas

FullSizeRender (2)-1.jpgWho doesn’t love having an amazing view? Breathtaking isn’t it? Yup… we’d say it is! But that isn’t just the cool part – we also have a telescope that allows you to see downtown – or maybe we just have it as a reminder to be on the lookout for leads? 



3. Collaborative open work space

400-e-las-colinas-blvd-irving-tx-High-Res-12.jpgAt Mojo we are all about team collaboration! An open layout with teams grouped together helps us to exchange ideas on campaigns, projects or to just simply help resolve an issue.

4. Stand up desks

Is this cool or what? These HON standing desks have changed our lives and working habits in the office! Being able to choose from whether sitting or standing while working is amazing! Maybe even workout while working? Squats anyone? Just kidding! 

5. Kitchen/ Snacks/ Popcorn

400-e-las-colinas-blvd-irving-tx-High-Res-14.jpgOh my. I don’t know about you but I think this kitchen "work cafe" is a winner! From the color contrast, to having an area to sit and eat – this is just wow! And there’s plenty to eat. From healthy snacks to junk food and candy – if you’re craving something, we have it! And this isn’t just food – we’re talking drinks too! Need an extra boost? We have Starbucks’ coffee, energy drinks, and soda. If you need some extra protein after a workout (we have a gym in the building too- we’re going to have to work off the calories somehow), we have that too!

In the mood for some popcorn? We've got it! At Mojo you will feel like you are in a carnival when the popcorn machine is on!

6. Quiet spaces

unnamed (6).jpgWe all need some quiet time every now and then when working on a special project! Since Mojo's new office embraces the open office concept, we felt it was important to ensure there are places to go when making a private phone call or if someone is in need of a more focused space. We used some cool divider walls from LOFTwall to help create this area. I know our content writers are loving this new quiet space!


7. Beer tap/ Wine cooler

unnamed (3).jpgBeer anyone? Yup you read that right! Can’t drink beer? No worries, we have cider! Maybe just not a beer or cider person at all… no problem – we have wine too! At Mojo we host company happy hours, Super Bowl parties, Holiday parties, etc. and lucky for us, we don’t have to go on beer/wine runs!

(Some really feel this could aide in creativity during office hours, but alas this special perk is only available after 5:00pm.)





8. Lounge area with Xbox

400-e-las-colinas-blvd-irving-tx-High-Res-16.jpgYup, you read that right! Need a 10 min break from your tasks? Sometimes it’s nice to just chill for a few minutes to get your mojo back or sometimes you need a complete diversion… and yes we have that too. Hello Xbox!


9. Lots of meeting rooms

FullSizeRender (4).jpgNow we don't need to fight over meeting rooms anymore since we now have three! And, because we love to collaborate & brainstorm, each meeting room has an entire white board wall made from Idea Paint. We're also kinda techies, so we're pretty excited to now have the latest technology in our new Zoom Room, as well as Teem around our office. 

Coming soon: We are excited to announce that in the near future, we will have a Podcast room! So keep us in mind for your next project. 

10. Our CEO's office

400-e-las-colinas-blvd-irving-tx-High-Res-17.jpgJust look at that office view! Even though this is our amazing CEO, R. Michael Rose's office, every team member is welcomed to work from his office when not in use. Need a quiet space or just take a break from reality and enjoy the view - this office has it all.

Thanks Mike for letting us use it! 

And last but not least, we want to give a shout out to John Paul Floyd for helping us find this amazing space!

Well that’s a wrap! We hope you come by and visit us soon! 



Nikole Rose

Nikole Rose

As President & COO, Nikole is obsessed about building a great company made up of an inspiring culture and highly successful client engagements. Outside of Mojo, Nikole is also pretty obsessed with traveling, spending time at their cabins in Broken Bow OK, her Golden Retriever, Bella, and enjoying Italian dinners and wine with her husband, Mike.

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