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Exploring the Future of Virtual Reality and the Web at Inbound 2016

November 23, 2016 Daniel Berry

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The 2016 Inbound Conference in Boston was an amazing experience for all 19,000-plus marketers and salespeople in attendance. While the food trucks, venue and extracurricular activities were all exceptional, the speakers were really special. I was fortunate enough to attend eight breakout sessions and all were fantastic. But which one was my favorite, you may ask?

There were so many talented speakers that picking a favorite is kind of like picking your favorite donut or cookie. They’re all good, right? Still, one session in particular got me super-pumped because of its excellent speaker and the information he provided. That session was “The Future of Virtual Reality and the Web: Where Great Experiences and Immersive Content Collide” by Zach Robbins, Senior Digital Strategist at Viget.

Session Description

Here’s how the breakout session was described in Inbound 2016’s official listing:

“Virtual Reality is the new frontier for technology, but what about the web? It can't just be about gaming, right? Browsers aren't yet a platform for distributing VR content, whether that's 3D or 360 degree video. But will that change? If so, when? In this session, we'll look at the current state of producing, developing, and distributing VR content, with examples of who is doing it really well and a variety of existing applications. More importantly, we'll cast a look into the future for when to expect things to open up within the browser and what new applications that'll introduce (think a whole new method of education). Hopefully, you'll leave inspired with fresh ideas and feel equipped to start pioneering ahead of the next generation of immersive web-based experiences.”

My Takeaways

I definitely left feeling inspired with fresh ideas about VR and can’t wait to start using this technology in our marketing efforts at Mojo. Here are some of the things Zach pointed out during the session that got me feeling this way:

It also doesn’t hurt that Zach is a master at presenting compelling information and ideas in a clear, concise way. His slides were useful, his pace was perfect and he took the time to answer questions afterwards. I couldn’t be more excited about VR and really enjoyed his session — and all the other ones I attended — at Inbound 2016.


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