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Mentor over Manage

July 21, 2011 Mike Rose

Mentor Over Manage.png

You cannot develop people without developing yourself. Put on your mask first is the overused term. Sounds pretty simple, huh?. One of the major tenants of Return on Energy is People Development. What really is People Development? How does it really impact me, the people I lead or manage and the organization?

Has your company or division been struggling for years to reach that infamous next-level? Have you yourself been struggling for years to reach that infamous next-level? People Development is one of the major forces either working for you, or against you. Employing ROE People Development is the force that turns the head wind to the wind at your back.

Let's set sail.

What I want to focus on here is ROE People Development for the manager. If someone does not value Personal Development, they cannot be managed easily. They will resist all efforts to improve themselves and their impact on the organization. In fact, this resistance is the wind in the manager face. If the manager does not invest in himself, he too will not value ROE People Development.

The only way to improve on who you are today from who you will be in the future are two things; 1. the things you read and 2. the people you meet. What are you reading today? Who have you meet recently? What have you learned from both experiences? Are you learning things that improve in your area of subject matter expertise?

ROE People Development, to the qualified Way Two manager is mentoring AND managing. People who value investing in themselves, value mentoring first. A manager who values investing in themselves sees that mentoring OVER managing is the fastest Way to get the business results you are attempting to achieve by managing alone while doing good along the way.

Managing is tied to business results. Mentoring is tied to Personal Development to close the ROE Gap and move the company forward to get business results.

Sound simple? I know, simple does not mean easy!

Ok, gotta wrap this up, I have an appointment to go learn from a speaker on some pretty cool stuff!

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