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How to Find DoFollow Blogs for Backlinks

July 11, 2012 Mojo Media Labs


How to Find DoFollow Blogs for Backlinks.png

There are a lot of reasons DoFollow is coming back into style, and if you’re looking for ways to boost reader engagement and drive traffic to your blog, then being DoFollow friendly is a necessity. Here on the Mojo Media Labs blog we recently took a few steps to try and draw in commenters by installing link friendly WordPress plugins like Top Contributors and CommentLuv (more on those in a later post), but the SEO juice flows both ways. If you want to drive traffic, making sure DoFollow is enabled is only half the battle—you need to be out promoting your content on other people’s blogs.

What is Do Follow?

There’s DoFollow, and there’s NoFollow. DoFollow means that when someone leaves a link on your blog, that backlink is counted by google and gives that website a little SEO bump. NoFollow means google doesn’t count the link for SEO purposes. Many times NoFollow is enabled by default as a way of discouraging comment spam without having to moderate—but let’s face it, if you’ve ever owned a blog, you know that spam is coming whether or not DoFollow is enabled. Do yourself the favor and kick that setting on—you’ll start attracting more visitors and commenters looking to build their back links, and that helps your traffic ranking.

Where Can I find DoFollow Blogs?

As I said, you need to be out commenting and promoting your blog. Like everything else on the internet, there are great directories filled with DoFollow blogs just waiting for your participation. Here are a few of my favorites:

And remember, don’t spam when commenting and leaving backlinks. The more relevant your comments, the more likely someone will click your link and give you your traffic. And if your comment gets deleted, then you’re just wasting energy. Providing bloggers with positive feedback not only helps everyone learn more about a discussion, it gives you a positive online reputation as well.

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