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COVID-19 Response: A Message of Hope from Nikole Rose

March 18, 2020 Nikole Rose

In the midst of COVID-19, results only work environments (ROWE) and robust digital marketing strategies are key tools to maintain a healthy pipeline and revenue. Now more than ever, Mojo is here to help you and your business. We would like to reach out to you with a message of hope and positivity from Nikole Rose, President and COO of Mojo Media Labs.

nikole rose and mike rose

None of us have been through a situation like this. The magnitude of dealing with the COVID-19 virus is unprecedented. We may feel like doomsday is ahead with all the news and changes happening by the minute. But, I want to insert some light, and as a true partner, provide ideas and solutions. 


“We are Braver than yesterday. Smarter today. Stronger than challenges coming our way.”


My message is to encourage us all to know that we will endure. We may come out of this situation even stronger as businesses and as people. The economy is very strong, COVID-19 will be short-lived and we will rebound. In the short term, how can we use this unforeseen situation to get stronger and prevail? Here are some of our thoughts:

  1. This is an opportunity to show empathy. Prove your brand empathic and calm in the face of uncertainty. Your marketing may need to turn from selling and lead generation strategies to creating confidence and calm. Over-communicate through emails, calls, podcasts and blogging to your customer and opportunity lifecycle stages. Taking the opportunity to strengthen your brand now through effective messaging is critical.

  2. Mojo is an extension of your team. We know this has been disruptive to your team’s day-to-day, so please think of us as an extension of your team to help communicate internally and externally. Mojo can and wants to help each of you with this charge. We’ll be as proactive as possible to make this happen, but please reach out with any needs you may have. Even though how we market may temporarily change, those who continue to market will be better positioned when COVID-19 subsides. Customer advocacy and internal marketing will be imperative to come out of this situation stronger – please think of Mojo as your communications team to help retain top talent and current revenues, not just a revenue acquisition partner.

  3. We’re prepared to continue serving our customers. At Mojo Media Labs, our internal workings haven’t been impacted by the COVID-19 news. We have been working as a ROWE (Results Only Work Environment) for well over a year now – which means our team members are used to working where, how and when they want, as long as they’re meeting their results. This is important for you to know as we will continue to be fully staffed, and focused on helping you, our valued clients. If you’re interested in learning more about ROWE or just looking for support to more easily adjust to situations that require your team to work remotely – please let me know. We are happy to share our resources and have team members on standby that can assist!

  4. Think long-term. Your organization, as most are, may be pressuring departments to shed unnecessary expenses, conserve cash and consider reinvesting. This is a tricky one because it will feel like you should cut everything and anything possible. I encourage you to think long term! It is a good time to review expenses and make decisions on items that have likely been unnecessary for a while. Marketing often gets cut in times like these. I say the following not because we are a marketing company, but as a business owner: carefully consider the areas in marketing to cut. You may want to consider re-investing the funds you were going to use for conference, exhibition and trade show season. Let’s invest those in other forms of digital marketing or sales technology. We value marketing so much that amidst the current environment we have hired a new Marketing Director for Mojo. Pipeline and revenue solve all. Let’s talk about a strategy for your company and the best way to leverage your marketing funds right now to combat negative impacts on your bottom line and help support your team when you may need us most.

  5. Let’s double-down on finding new business right now. It may be more difficult but there are still many opportunities for each and every one of our businesses to gain market share. Many potential customers are in industries that will benefit and weather this season. Show yourself as a confident leader in the field, instill confidence within your prospects and team and don’t give in to the negativity and fear.

  6. Lastly – get closer to your clients. Find out how you can become more valuable to your clients now and apply those learnings to your service offerings in the future.

Thank you for your tenacious partnership, for your confidence and for choosing Mojo as a strategic partner. We hope all the best for you and yours. Stay well, keep calm and wash those hands!


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Nikole Rose

Nikole Rose

As President & COO, Nikole is obsessed about building a great company made up of an inspiring culture and highly successful client engagements. Outside of Mojo, Nikole is also pretty obsessed with traveling, spending time at their cabins in Broken Bow OK, her Golden Retriever, Bella, and enjoying Italian dinners and wine with her husband, Mike.

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