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Account Based Marketing is the next big change to modern marketing, and works closely with inbound marketing and strategies. It is changing the way marketers think about content with a much more targeted approach to get the right message to the right contacts at the right time.

Focus on the one, not the many.

Account Based Marketing InfographicAccount Based Marketing is the perfect blend of creative and strategic, utilizing advances in technology with changes in buying habits and consumer expectation. With Account Based Marketing, you are flipping your perspective from targeting leads to targeting accounts.

“You don’t hire a lead executive, you hire an account executive”
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This allows you to target organizations that need your products and services with highly relevant messaging that drives awareness and enhances your sales pipeline.

Put simply, Account Based Marketing is an expansion of customer-centric marketing.

Account Based Marketing not only generates more revenue, but also reduces noise in the world that makes customers more attentive to your messages over time and leads to a better world for companies and consumers.

Target the right accounts.

The first step in Account Based Marketing is identifying the right accounts for your product or service. We then use that to craft and target highly relevant content that answers their pains with your remarkables. Enter a cycle of improvement targeting the right accounts for you, analyzing and adapting content and strategy to better turn prospects into customers.

Take the first step.

Work with Mojo for our expertise in ABM from start to finish. We are here and ready to help you change the way you reach your contacts forever.

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Dive deeper into Account Based Marketing and what steps you need to take to be successful: