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Yusra Iqbal

Digital Designer



Yusra is a modern yet detail-oriented graphic designer. With a history of interest in literature and thematic concepts, she loves to place deeper meaning behind her designs- especially in branding. Her works utilizes modern simplicity with a touch of detailed depth! Yusra loves learning about other cultures through various story-telling media and will most likely be found absorbed in appreciating a work of art.

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Why Mojo?

I really enjoy the friendly and innovative work atmosphere at Mojo Media Labs!

Skill Set
  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Publication Design
  • Archery
Bucket List
  • Learn the skills of a barista
  • Become fluent in a new language
  • Have a personal long-term trip to a different country
  • Build a personal archery practice ground
Sweet or Salty

Sweets all the way!