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Trevor Grimes

Content Strategist



As a Content Strategist, Trevor is obsessed with creating content messaging that describes the client’s unique positioning. His goal is to help our clients create content that converts by crafting a consistent message that clearly describes what they do, the problems they solve, and how they create successful results. When this is accomplished, their audience will have zero doubt that they’re the right company to work with.

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Why Mojo?

I chose Mojo based on the culture of the people who work there. Even from the outside, you can tell that the people who work there are obsessed with bringing the best results for their clients while building one another up and pushing each other to become the best at their jobs.

Skill Set
  • Finding Unique Positioning
  • Social Media
  • Writing the words that Sell
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Creating haikus on the spot

Bucket List
  1. Visit Japan
  2. See something I’ve created on a national scale
  3. Buy a mid 90s Acura NSX
  4. Release an album of music
  5. Make a Short Film
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