The Vomela Companies is a full-service, specialty-graphics provider comprised of a vast network of printing specialists. Headquartered in St. Paul, MN, and with more than 20 locations across North America, The Vomela Companies is an interconnected group of specialists that meet the needs of a global clientele.


The Vomela Companies began their digital marketing engagement with Mojo in 2016. The challenge was to create a strategic marketing plan focused on growing traffic, leads, and customers. As a very large company, with multiple service lines and target industries, we knew it would be a challenge to target the right audiences and increase traffic in a way that would bring in high-quality leads.


We began with a phased approach. First, we focused on optimizing existing content and harnessing it in a way that would lead to conversions on the website. Then, we gradually added content, messaging, and new website pages for all of their service lines and industries, one at a time. The next phase of our engagement was to update their existing website, which eventually led to moving their website from WordPress to our preferred CMS platform, Zephyr. Our most recent projects with The Vomela Companies include increased PPC advertising, adding new industry content for their foray into the Healthcare market, and finally a template website for all of their network and affiliate companies to use.



Our first order of business was to start a regular blogging and email marketing program, to bring more traffic to the website and to increase their organic reach. We began with twice a month blogging, and increased eventually to weekly blogging. We revamped a printing guide as our first main downloadable, gated offer to increase conversions. In the two years of our engagement, website traffic has almost doubled, and organic search traffic has increased dramatically.

Monthly Sessions

November 2015 | 3,755

January 2018 | 6,706





In 2017, we began a website template project for all affiliate companies. The template website is built on Zephyr CMS, with the goal of quickly deploying new, custom websites for each division or affiliate company as needed. The first website to launch on the new template is Master Print. The website now unifies the brand, but gives some control, customization and additional functionality for each Vomela Company. 



A Partnership That Extends Resources for a Lean Marketing Team

Mojo and The Vomela Companies have developed a strong partnership—one that extends the marketing budget and resources of a small marketing department. Through the partnership, The Vomela Companies has been able to develop a robust digital marketing program without the burden of hiring multiple full-time employees. By working with Mojo, they can count on responsive expertise in website design and support, content production, social media management, graphic design work, PPC and social advertising, SEO and solid strategic planning. Over the course of our partnership, we’ve created multiple downloadable resources, pillar content, case studies, email marketing campaigns, webcasts, and targeted digital advertising programs that have resulted in increased traffic, leads and new business. On the horizon, we look forward to a stunning new website design/development project.

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