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TDIndustries is one of the American Southwest’s largest pre-construction, construction, and facility maintenance companies. Employee-owned with a highly service-oriented voice and culture, TD’s marketing aimed to more closely tie its culture to its services all while spreading awareness about its many services. 


As a large business with multiple business units, TDIndustries hoped to spread awareness for many of its key services over the course of several inbound marketing campaigns. These business units included commercial facility maintenance, design-build (construction), and process solutions. Beyond just services, they also needed to spread the word for other important initiatives, one of which involved a very human content series highlighting women in construction.

Additionally, TD and Mojo collaborated on a full website rework that more closely tied content and design to its core values and the needs of its customers.  


Strategic Planning and Digital Roadmap

Since each business unit included different remarkables (market differentiators), competitors, services, ideal customer profiles, and buyer personas, two digital roadmaps were created to highlight these important differences. These allowed us to build campaigns that more closely tied to the pains of prospective customers within each unit - specifically construction (design-build) and facility maintenance.  

TD Industries Lrg

TDIndustries uses HubSpot for much of its marketing automation needs, including the publishing and promotion of campaign assets. We helped support them with several activities:

Development of conversion paths (landing pages, thank you pages, follow-up emails)

  • Automated email nurture workflows for leads and MQLs
  • Case Study production and promotion
  • List management and contact segmentation
  • Direct email marketing
  • Blog drafting/production

The final piece of its “facility life cycle” services, TDIndustries wanted to show off its state-of-the-art service capabilities and create more visibility into its facility maintenance unit. In response, we created a traditional inbound marketing campaign. We wrote and drafted a maintenance checklist for facility owners while supporting the offer with additional blogging and email collateral.  


As a complementary piece to the facility maintenance campaign, we designed a custom webpage for an app designed for technicians to upload videos of maintenance reports to the cloud. Branded as “Visual Intelligence,” we used the Ceros tool to create an interactive and dynamic page breaking down its many features and benefits to current and prospective customers.  


TDIndustries is service and customer-oriented above all, and they needed their site to better reflect this mentality. From the initial mapping of content to final design, we helped TD tell their story in a more succinct way while speaking more directly to the challenges of their prospective customers. 


A complementary and collaborative partner to TD’s internal marketing team, Mojo Media Labs has had a hand in many of the company’s key marketing initiatives, which just year over year have yielded a 29% increase in sessions, a 60% improvement in landing page conversions, a 39% increase in blog subscribers, and a 134% increase in email CTRs. 

With a combo of inbound marketing and web development expertise, we helped TD deliver results and tell a more accurate story about who they are and why they do what they do.