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Website  +  Inbound Marketing


Since 1946, Texas-based TDIndustries has been providing commercial and industrial services from air conditioning to plumbing, to electrical systems. The construction and facility maintenance company offers quality service to a wide array of clients throughout the metroplex and beyond. Through a long-term inbound marketing engagement, the objective for TDIndustries has been to increase engagement on their website through the launch of strategic inbound marketing campaigns and a new website that tells a more customer-centered story.

Marketing Needs

In 2017, TDIndustries chose Mojo Media Labs as their digital agency to help them develop modern, strategic marketing capabilities. In 2018, we launch our first inbound marketing campaigns, resulting in increased traffic, engagement, and new contacts. In 2019, after major updates to their brand story and messaging, TDIndustries was ready to redesign their website. The goal of the project was a website that truly reflects their status as a thought leader in the industry and speaks to their customer’s pains and challenges. We helped them identify the best messaging and design solutions to tell a better story and improve the user experience. At the same time, we built a website that TDIndustries can easily manage and update on their own without a developer.




Inbound marketing engagement and new website strategic plan, redesign and implementation on HubSpot CMS:

  • Digital Planning Roadmap
  • Launch initial inbound campaigns
  • Website Blueprint for redesign
  • Messaging, content writing, SEO
  • Custom design and development
  • Custom modules and content libraries built with HubDB
  • Implementation with HubSpot CMS
  • Ongoing support for website and new campaigns  


In the beginning of our engagement, we worked closely with the TDIndustries team to understand their needs and goals. We implemented HubSpot and Inbound as new marketing strategies for the company. For the first time in company history, we leveraged www.TDIndustries.com, a recognizable, memorable URL, to attract new business. We built a roadmap and created our first campaigns in 2018.


These three campaigns focused on:


Facility maintenance risk evaluation: 3700 sessions, 971 influenced contacts, and 90 new contacts


Identifying KPIs: 1114 sessions, 768 influenced contacts, and 67 new contacts

New Contacts

Visual intelligence: 1720 sessions, 4728 influenced contacts, 8 new contacts

Altogether, that’s 6,534 sessions and 6,467 contacts and 165 new contacts. After these successful campaigns, TDIndustries came to us again to discuss their website. 



From a brand standpoint, TDIndustries wanted to make big changes to their website’s messaging and content organization. They felt it was time to refresh their brand messaging and website user experience. Whereas their old site was company focused, they wanted the new website to be customer-centered, telling a clear story of the customers’ journey and TDIndustries part in helping them find success.

The goal was for their website to reflect their status as a thought leader in their industry. To do this, they knew they needed to focus on the visitor’s needs and challenges. They didn’t want a user to visit their website and find a bunch of statements; they wanted to engage visitors by asking questions to find out their needs. 


We started, as we always do, by asking a lot of questions. Just as TDIndustries wanted their site to be able to ask questions of their visitors, we asked them to discuss their goals and challenges with us so we could create the best possible site for them. The Mojo Team and TDIndustries worked collaboratively on the content, messaging and tone, to ensure the customer was the clear hero of the brand story. Once our discussions were done, it was time to get to work, using our process for building websites.




Every website we build is custom-made for the client and their specific goals. For TDIndustries, we created custom modules around the type of content on their website. They wanted to create resources for each individual and/or service, so we needed to make that not only accessible but visible so that any type of prospective visitor would be able to find what they needed.

The Mojo team used HubDB, a relational data store, along with the use of content libraries and tagging. These custom-developed modules made it easier for the client to add their own content and make updates in one place. From there, they can now use a tagging system to plug in content on various pages on their site.

Since they offer several types of service, each of those needed their own page with their own content specific to them. For example, the HVAC page would need HVAC-specific blogs, awards, and downloadables. TDIndustries already had plenty of content in the form of white papers and blogs, it was simply not easy to find. Their new site would allow customers to find it quicker. 


Going Live

Once the website goes live, our goal as a marketing team is to never let it sit still. Clients come to us needing new websites because their old website has become stale or obsolete after years of sitting still, so we aim to keep the site agile, updating it frequently.

Modular Design

The website, built using HubSpot CMS, was created with a “modular design philosophy” that involves building a flexible template with reuseable components as opposed to a collection of static pages. This CMS, along with the way we built the site’s modules, makes it easy for TDIndustries to update their content themselves rather than relying on developers to make additions or changes.

Marketing Team

The marketing team continues to build onto the site, improving it as needed by looking at the data and analytics. Since TDIndustries did not come to us for the website alone, but also as a marketing partner before and after the site build, it was seamless for us to continue working together to ensure their site delivered results. Our goal was to help train and support their team so they could use the functional website with confidence.


Together, Mojo Media Labs and TDIndustries worked to build a beautiful, functional website that could be updated and changed based on their needs. Our development team worked tirelessly to make sure this site met the goals of TDIndustries, focusing each and every page on the experience of the user. Now, TDIndustries can focus on doing what they do best, selling and growing their business while Mojo assists with new campaign initiatives and website support.

A complementary and collaborative partner to TD’s internal marketing team, Mojo Media Labs has had a hand in many of the company’s key marketing initiatives, which just year over year have yielded a 29% increase in sessions, a 60% improvement in landing page conversions, a 39% increase in blog subscribers, and a 134% increase in email CTRs. Visit tdindustries.com.