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Sales Enablement

The processes, technology, content and training your sales team needs to close more business faster.

Empower Your Sales Team

Empower Your Sales Team

The success of your business relies heavily on your sales team, and we understand the “sales department” can’t work in a silo to achieve the desired results. Still, so many sales teams report they struggle with support from marketing and their organization. Sale enablement provides the support sales teams need to better engage the buyer throughout the buying process.

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Mojo Media Labs works with your sales team to create better alignment with marketing and speed up the velocity to close more qualified accounts.
Sales Process

Sales Process

Companies with a documented sales process generate more revenue. Consistency when working a process allows for easier improvement to maximize efficiency and sales velocity.

Mojo works with your team to create or enhance your sales process that sets clear expectations of action steps from the time a lead is generated through every stage of the sales process. This documented process will then be applied within the chosen CRM. We’re big fans of the HubSpot CRM and Sales products.

Content Creation@2x


It’s been shown that up to 40% of a sales reps time is spent creating content. That’s a lot of time spent not selling. Siloed content creation is also likely leading to brand and messaging inconsistency.

Mojo works with you to identify content gaps, make recommendations on what to create, and then get to work building it. Types of sales content could include emails, presentations, case studies, collateral, playbooks, videos, and phone scripts.



Choosing the right technology stack to help support your sales team is a critical step. According to InsideSales.com small companies are spending over $4,600/per year per rep for sales tools.

Mojo works with you to ensure your company is leveraging the latest in technology likely consisting of a CRM, proposal development, messaging (chat) app, and sales automation. Spending top-dollar on technology isn’t always the best choice; it’s more important to balance ease of use and technology that integrates and works together.


Training and Ongoing Coaching

Changing behavior is a journey. And, let’s face it, breaking bad habits is hard.

To create the highest likelihood of your new processes, content, and technology creating the efficiencies needed, setting up a training program will be critical.

Mojo will suggest a training schedule and as needed, will lead on-going training and coaching sessions to create adoption. We can then also meet regularly with the sales team to continue to identify areas of improvement and support.

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