PROJECT Coordinator


Looking for your dream job? Look no further!  The Project Coordinator should be the go-to support system for their assigned team, serving as a liaison and day-to-day contact for their accounts. This person should be a self-starter, who’s willing to roll up their sleeves, dig into project scopes and campaign briefs to project plan, and be dedicated to learning multiple facets of project management and traffic coordination. Do you have what it takes to be a Mojo Maker in the Project Coordinator seat?

The main obsessions for this role include...

  1. Deliver client work on time & within budget
  2. Clear, efficient & timely client communication
  3. Maintaining organization & details across the client portfolio
  4. Remind the client on a consistent basis why they chose Mojo
  5. Traffic all deliverables in a timely manner, serve as a dedicated liaison
Core competencies & Character Traits that make a great Project Coordinator are:
  • Wildly curious
  • Relational
  • Detail-oriented
  • Deadline driven
  • Extremely personable
  • Freakishly Organized
  • Creative problem-solver
  • Consistently Reliable
  • Following and managing to Process & Quality Control should be your love language
  • Strong, and responsive written and verbal communicator

You should focus on customer retention and remind clients why they chose Mojo by:

  • Meeting deadlines... heck, aim to beat them!
  • Being obsessive-compulsive about the organization and keeping your accounts’ assets ship-shape at all times
  • Serve as QC experts 
  • Reviewing all deliverables to the process, and the promises within the vision as delivered by the Digital Marketing team
  • Hold the team accountable to the process aka The Mojo Way 

Daily activities to turn this role into reality include, but are not limited to:

  • Serving as the clients' main daily point of contact  
  • Serve as project coordinator and traffic coordinator for the deliverables as scoped in campaign briefs or project SOWs
  • Create project plans and roadmap milestones to ensure all projects meet or exceed deadlines
  • Build timelines & task lists in ClickUp - Mojo's project management system. Be responsible for keeping the system up to date for your assigned clients and internal stakeholders
  • Coordinate the flow of deliverables between the clients and the internal team; keep client programs on track by securing timely feedback and approvals from clients, hold the clients and our team accountable for due dates; communicate to clients the importance of timely responses
  • Flight out projects with a respect to team member capacity - analyze and forecast ahead of the curve to anticipate resource needs 
  • Develop strong relationships with your clients; help manage client expectations and keep projects on timeline
  • Where you anticipate roadblocks, review current and future timelines and deliverables statuses with the heads of departments, and if necessary, the individuals working on the deliverables
  • Reschedule projects based on new or changing priorities when tight-turn projects come on board, new client onboarding pulls in additional resources, or an addendum is added to a contract 
  • Establish a rapport with the operations team, and consciously collaborate to ensure the work follows The Mojo Way, and matches to what we promised the client 
  • Ensure that the work meets client expectations
  • Conduct client communications such as weekly status emails, requests for review and approval of deliverables, information gathering, scheduling conversations, etc.
  • Serve as a direct liaison between clients and Mojo Makers for hot requests and urgent support tickets
  • Support the Digital Marketing team with projects that require additional project planning, organization and extreme detail orientation such as website content migrations, content audits, etc.
  • Document all deliverables, decisions, and next steps so that you are aware of the goals, timelines, and expectations and can provide that context to the delivery team along the life of a campaign or project
  • Other duties as deemed necessary by the Project Management team lead


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All candidates should be both a skill and culture fit! 3 PILLARS OF MOJO'S CULTURE