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Episode 69 - Marketing Audit Checklist

January 13, 2021

MYC Episode 69 - Marketing Audit Checklist

Listen to "69: Marketing Audit Checklist

Marketing Audit for Quick Wins: A Simple, Effective Checklist


One of the frequently asked questions we hear from new clients or prospects is this: "When can we start expecting results?" It's a natural question to ask when your business invests marketing dollars.

You want to start seeing results now.  We understand this feeling, because we feel it ourselves — when we're the client working with partners and vendors. That's why in 2020 we worked on speeding up our new Growth Marketing onboarding process, so we can get to strategy and execution faster.

We have found that an efficient marketing audit is absolutely key to helping us identify and execute quick wins. So, we're sharing our checklist for conducting a swift yet thorough marketing audit. Whether you're a new marketing director trying to get the lay of the land in your department or you've been in your position for years, this checklist will get you organized in 2021, and help you plan a quick win campaign.

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