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Episode 39 - Heart Eyes for New SEO Recommendations in HubSpot

February 14, 2020

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Your weekly SEO chores just got easier!

HubSpot Has a A Brand New SEO Recommendations Home

Mojo Maker Aly has been digging into the tool for us and our clients, and comparing reports and recommendations to Moz's tool. She said it’s very similar, which is good news since Moz is the gold standard.

From Aly:  I would say the biggest thing for me in comparison (HubSpot vs. Moz) was how user-friendly it was. We do a lot of SEO audits for clients and run these long reports from Moz that can be overwhelming for our clients to digest. It's a lot of data — a lot of great and helpful data, but if you don't know what you are looking at it can be overwhelming. With HubSpot's SEO Recommendations tool, it points out the impact (high, medium, low) so you know what is the most important issues to handle first, a detailed reason as to WHY it is important and then links them directly to the affected pages in the editor to fix them. The only real plus I gave MOZ is it did pick up two 404 errors that Hubspot did not...Which is super important. These were actually broken links on our client's products page so I'm glad it was picked up!

Thanks for the tips, Aly!

Finally, our leadership team at Mojo put together a ridiculous video for the team, and we just had to share!

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