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Episode 17 - What to Do When You're Out of Ideas

June 7, 2019

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Sometimes you get stuck. Run out of ideas or gas or inspiration. What do you do to get the creative juices flowing and find your excitement again? Have you ever just hit a wall and you don’t know what to talk about on your podcast for the week? … Oh, I see what’s happening here.

  • Embrace it and turn your frustration into a relatable podcast topic
  • Collab it up, don't isolate yourself - we need people and other brains to help us recharge
  • Let go and turn your "work brain" off for a bit
    • True crime podcasts
    • Documentaries
    • Sign up to learn something new (a class or email series…)
    • Duolingo, games, have fun
    • Take a walk, go outside
  • Talk to someone else who’s super excited and passionate about what they’re doing (Mike!) 
  • Steph invented a new mixed metaphor during this pod "Recharge your creative juices™" It's when you need to get the creative juices flowing and you need to recharge, all at the same time.

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