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Don’t Kill My Mojo (DKMM) is the official inbound marketing & sales podcast of Mojo Media Labs. DKMM is the go-to source for business owners investigating how inbound marketing, sales enablement and purposeful culture can launch companies to new heights within and beyond the bottom line.


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The Don’t Kill My Mojo Focus

Inbound Marketing — DKMM believes the present and future of digital marketing is inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a customer/lead-centric approach where digital content addresses specific pain points and interests of their readers and viewers. Rather than competing with other marketers in a brand-focused shouting match, businesses attract leads and convert leads into customers by creating/promoting content people need to solve critical problems.

Sales Enablement — Leads don’t produce ROI, customers do. DKMM teaches the key to sales’ success is to work lockstep with marketing to create targeted, personalized content that turns qualified leads into paying customers. The more sales embraces its marketing counterparts to enable them (and vice-versa), the better a sales team can convert leads. Sales enablement is basically Inbound Marketing 2.0. 

Culture with a Purpose — Companies that value employees, endorse transparency, live by their core values, and grow through a purpose-beyond-profit mentality are companies most likely to succeed in the long-run. DKMM explores how open-book management, value development, and embracing a core purpose have led several companies to rewarding, albeit unexpected, turns.

Want to be a guest on the DKMM Podcast?

We actively seek interviews with experts in digital marketing, sales and business culture development. We also welcome opportunities to speak with entrepreneurs, business owners and players in trending industries. If you’re interested in being featured on DKMM, don’t hesitate to fill in an interview request with us. We want to hear your perspective! Drop us a line.


Meet Chandler Smith,
DKMM's Host & Producer; Mojo Brand Journalist

Chandler began his career in writing as a sports journalist covering college athletics. In addition to freelance work for the SEC, ESPN and the NCAA, he covered Texas A&M athletics for The Battalion, TexAgs Radio and Aggie Athletics. Not long after graduating A&M, he shifted into the marketing world and now refines his ability to develop a client's voice. Through his work of being a brand journalist, he has discovered his love for interviewing people and story telling. Marry that love with his passion for all forms of content and media along with his talented radio voice, Chandler is a natural podcast producer! 

Meet Mike Rose,

DKMM's Co-Host & Mojo Media Labs' CEO

A scientist by training, an author by nature, and an entrepreneur by will, Mike drew from his life experiences to create a new communication methodology and ultimately his book, ROE Powers ROI™: The Ultimate Way to Think and Communicate for Ridiculous Results. Mike is the founder and CEO of Mojo. Mike serves as a visionary, practitioner and mentor for Mojo and its people.  Mike speaks at conferences, seminars and conducts Return On Energy® Workshops across the country. He is also a guest writer for Inc.com, HubSpot and a regular guest on Fox News. Mike is a life-learner and dedicates himself to organizations such as Vistage and the Small Giants Community.