Digital Marketing


PFS partnered with Mojo Media Labs for a digital marketing strategy, with integrated Inbound Marketing and Account-Based Marketing. We successfully met the objective to build pipeline with qualified accounts.


PFS Brands engaged Mojo Media Labs to launch a focused Digital Marketing Strategy, which included Inbound Marketing campaigns and targeted Account-Based Marketing campaigns. Historically, all of the client’s revenue generation came from relationship-selling via the sales team. When they reached out to Mojo, their digital marketing program was in its infancy with plenty of opportunities to improve, such as going from zero conversion points to multiple strong conversion points on their website.


In the first year of the program, we launched three (3) Inbound Marketing campaigns and targeted Account-Based Marketing campaigns. As part of these campaigns, Mojo Media Labs consulted with and supported a sales and marketing alignment initiative, integrated technology platforms, and created real-time dashboards and a communication plan.

Throughout the engagement, the Mojo team met with the client's sales and marketing teams to:

  • Identify common goals (define success) that both teams would rally behind
  • Identify friction in the sales process
  • Create a sales playbook with call scripts and suggested cadence
  • Refine account lists and identify Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
  • Integrate HubSpot MAS and Dynamics CRM through the bridge of Bedrock Data Integration Platform
  • Create ABM campaigns to expand and engage their target account list using the Terminus Ad Platform
  • Create Inbound campaigns to drive website conversions


As a direct result of Mojo’s integrated digital marketing strategy, from April to December PFS Brands realized forty-three (43) opportunities and an average annual deal size of $30,000, resulting in nearly $1.3 million in the sales pipeline.

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