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Website  +  Marketing


For 75 years, Hoya Vision’s revolutionary optical and healthcare solutions have been pushing technological boundaries for customers around the world. Their specialty is bending light in healthcare, technology, and many other industries.


Hoya Vision USA engaged with Mojo to increase market share with eye care providers (ECPs) around the nation. The challenge was to find and nurture new leads, and expand accounts already doing negligible amounts of business with Hoya. 




By creating engaging content, promotional emails, conversion opportunities, and nurturing strategy we’ve collaboratively targeted ECPs with materials they can use to grow their practice and, in turn, generate more revenue for Hoya. 

OYE Email Campaign

To kick off our work with Hoya USA we repurposed existing content we had created for Hoya Global to reach customers about the benefits of working with Hoya as a partner. We created 34 emails over a period of 6 months to promote the lead-up, summer months, and wind down of sun season. Promoted a variety of content from thought leadership, helpful resources, reminders, package pricing reminders, white papers, social media enablement, and more. Using these resources, sales was able to expand existing, newly engaged accounts. 



Sunwear Campaign

Eye doctors have four main selling seasons each year, and from late spring into summer they are focused on sunwear. To reach more eye doctors and prove to them that they have a partner in Hoya we’ve created promotional assets and enablement tools. One such tool is a sunwear social calendar that doctors can easily take and use in their practice to boost their sales. 

Resource Library

Hoya & Mojo launched two major landing pages for this campaign, both ended up with around a 30% conversion rate. Each landing page hosted a library of white papers they’d get for just one form fill. ECPs were able to get a lot of value for one form, increasing their engagement rate and sales outreach.


Thought Leadership

Working with Hoya we’ve been able to create content that represents the fact they are thought leaders in the space. We worked together to meet the industry focus each season while creating engaging articles and gated content. 



The Hoya USA team and our Mojo team collaborate extensively on everything from project strategy to content generation. Bringing marketing expertise and eye care expertise together. Our collaborative partnership has allowed us to increase conversions and bring a smorgasbord of marketing campaigns and assets live quickly.

Increased Revenue

Our initial OYE campaign was able to generate a continued ROI of almost 1400% of their marketing investment. By getting the Hoya brand in front of existing customers and prospects, sales were able to expand existing accounts.


Blogs Content

We created a series of blogs that offered some of the nuggets from the white papers with CTAs to download the full offering. We were able to repurpose from the white paper content, SME interviews, and our internal product knowledge earned over a year of close collaboration with the client.

Views and Interaction

Hoya’s blog launched in late 2017, and starting in the summer of 2018 we created a consistent cadence of blogs covering relevant topics and new products. The results show that eye doctors were waiting for a thought leadership resource hub. The right audience, the right strategy, and the right content lead to a wildly successful first year building up blog viewership.

Focusing on relevant content and promotions to the eye doctor audience is creating high levels of engagement. Blogs are receiving higher than average click-through rates to conversion opportunities that also offer valuable content pieces to help with practice growth.




The business result of the campaign was a total of $448K in influenced revenue. Hoya’s measure for success was engagement. We aimed to beat the performance of past campaigns and industry benchmarks. We succeeded on both counts.

The goal of all promotional channel marketing was to drive conversions on primary landing pages. Both landing pages associated with the campaign had over a 30% conversion rate.

Engagement with the campaign content was a key component for Hoya’s sales team's success. As prospects engaged, sales team members were notified to reach out and consult customers and prospects on selling Sunwear.

The ECP Social Calendar (one asset from the resource library) has been used by some of Hoya’s largest and most loyal accounts to help promote their growth locally.