Website Design & Marketing Engagement


Euro Motorworks is Indianapolis’ European and Lexus service experts. Their mission is to delight clients, earn trust, and above all provide world-class automotive service. They have been a long-time Mojo client. In the fall of 2017, they launched a beautiful new website designed and developed by Mojo, and began a strategic SEO campaign as part of their digital marketing engagement in 2018, with a goal of increasing new contacts and customers by focusing on Local SEO strategy and using a PPC campaign.


Euro Motorworks' old website had great traffic and authority, but near the end of 2016 their website traffic plummeted. This was due to a perfect storm of factors: an aging website that used Flash elements, was not responsive or optimized for mobile devices, and had no SSL. Google penalizes sites that lack these best practices and structure.

The company had also scaled back on their AdWords campaigns, which contributed to a traffic drop as well. Our challenge was to create a new, online presence that reflected Euro Motorworks' prestige in the industry and attracted the right clientele.


We focused on an SEO plan and developed a visually stunning new website. Next, we worked with Euro Motorworks to design new AdWords and paid social media campaigns.

When the new, optimized website launched in September 2017, Euro Motorworks realized a major boost in website traffic, along with a significant uptick in new contacts coming in through their online forms, especially from Organic Search Traffic , AdWords, & Facebook Ad Campaigns. We focused on a Local SEO strategy in 2018, resulting in an exponential gain in traffic, conversions and customers compared to 2017 numbers.

EuroMotor Works


New website launches in September 2017

Euro Screens

New website launched in September 2017, synchronized with new paid advertising campaigns and marketing engagement with Mojo.



Jan 2017 - Feb 2018

40% new contact-to-customer conversion rate from organic traffic.


Jan 2017 - Feb 2018

New, optimized website launched in September 2017. Euro Motorworks saw a major uptick in new contacts through their online forms, especially from Organic Search Traffic , AdWords, & Facebook Ad Campaigns.


SpinWeb started actively managing Euro Motorworks AdWords campaigns in September 2017. Realizes immediate growth in traffic.


15-20% contact-to-lead conversion rates from paid advertising campaigns


Our focus during the middle of 2018 has been a strong local SEO strategy, utilizing and optimizing Google My Business, responding to customer reviews, and strengthening online business listings. The results have been ridiculous: almost 300% increase in website sessions, 4000% increase in New Contacts, and closing nearly 100 new customers for the year.


Marketing Tactics:

  • Monthly blog writing and promotion
  • Email marketing
  • Pop-up lead flows on website
  • Google My Business optimization and maintenance
  • Reviews & ratings strategy
  • PPC, social ads with local focus
  • Organic social media posting
  • Website optimization for content, keywords and technical SEO

Marketing Results:

  • Marketing performance KPIs
  • Sessions - 141% increase
  • New Contacts - 258% increase Customers - 211% increase
  • Overall New Leads to Customers rate 35.64%
  • Organic Search: Contact to Customer rate 39.8%
  • Paid search: Contact to Customer rate 18.9%


“I've been working with my team at Mojo since 2007. They have been a dream to work with. Website creation and optimization, social media management, blog creation, and most recently SEO. They began working on SEO for me a little over a year ago. Within 6 months I was seeing drastic increases in the number of new clients coming to us through Google searches. Their work has nearly doubled the number of new clients I receive each month. The team is extremely responsive, professional and knowledgeable. They're always searching for new ways to help me succeed. As a small business owner, I do not have the time nor desire to learn SEO. It is a relief to be able to turn that over to someone else and be confident they will work in my best interest.”

— Gloria Heath, Euro Motorworks, Inc., January 29, 2019.


With a focus on on-page and technical SEO and a visually stunning new website design, Euro Motorworks was able to quickly recover from the dip in website traffic that they suffered in 2016 due to their old, outdated website. Not only did they see a huge surge in website traffic, but through simple and effective lead generation offers and paid digital advertising and local SEO strategy, they were able to dramatically increase the number of contacts and leads coming in through their website.

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