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Grow Your Sales Pipeline with Mojo Drift Services

Focus on closing while we focus on implementing your Drift conversational marketing platform. Our Mojo Drift experts can walk you through the process of implementing Drift’s conversational marketing into your sales and marketing operations.

Your Customer's Buying Behavior is Changing

The modern buyer’s behavior is changing. Traditional sales funnels create friction, longer wait times and frustration for your customers. Drift’s conversational marketing approach is an innovative solution to this problem.

Stop missing out on potential leads

Regain a personal connection with your customers

Shorten the sales cycle for more efficient business

Implementing such an effective approach, however, requires thoroughness, high-quality resources, smart strategy and specific expertise. Mojo makes it happen with our Drift services.

How to Make the Shift to Drift

Book a Connection Meeting

Meet with Mojo to Plan Your Drift Implementation

Enjoy Better Conversations with Your Customers

Mojo is Your Drift Partner

It’s difficult to implement Drift without the help of an experienced partner. We know because we work with clients every day who’ve felt that same frustration. Mojo’s conversational marketing experts are ready to get started with your team today.



Choose the service or combination of services that your business needs, and our team will make it a smooth transition. From start to finish (or ongoing management), we’ll help you strategize, integrate and implement your Drift application.

Implementation as Ad-Hoc Projects

Whether you need a strategic starting point or you’re expanding on existing Drift Playbooks, we are ready to create and integrate.

Conversational Marketing Blueprint: We’ll map out your customized strategy and scope that identifies up to 5 playbooks to implement in Drift.

Bot Build: We will insightfully build, integrate and deploy each Playbook inside the application using our expertise and resources.


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Getting Started with Drift Package

Let us help you make the most of every business opportunity that comes your way. It’s a seamless start with our Getting Started with Drift Package. We will:

  • Design a Conversational Marketing Blueprint for up to 5 Drift Playbooks
  • Design and Implement the Playbooks in the application
  • Set up CRM Integration
  • Configure all Drift targeting
  • Configure basic routing and connect calendars
  • Test the bot workflows
  • Offer 1-hour team training


ABM-Focused Drift Package

Perfect for your ABM campaigns, this package covers the gamut of targeted features. We understand how important it is to know your audience and meet them where they’re at, exactly when they need help. We will:

  • Design a Conversational Marketing Blueprint for up to 10 Drift Playbooks
  • Design and Implement the 10 Playbooks inside the Drift Application
  • Set up CRM Integration
  • Configure all Drift targeting
  • Configure basic routing and connect calendars
  • Test the bot workflows
  • Set up Marketing Automation integration
  • Build ABM Playbooks that target companies/segments with custom engagement messaging based on industry or lists from Marketing Automation.
  • Set up multiple inboxes for sales, support, or different teams
  • Offer Conversational Sales Training
  • Provide one solid round of conversation audits using Drift’s “Conversation Flow Reports”


Start Using Drift Faster with an Experienced Partner

Drift is a powerful platform. Without best practices and experience on your side, you may not be taking full advantage of the technology. That means lost leads and wasted resources.

Start growing your sales pipeline and increasing revenue with Mojo Drift Services.