Dallas-based Strongly Preferred

Will focus on Mojo's own marketing on our Revenue team, *Not client-focused


The Digital Marketing Manager has a proven track record of developing campaign-oriented, revenue-generating marketing plans leveraging inbound and account-based marketing approaches. A macro and micro-level thinker, this architect and implementer packs the pipeline with qualified leads by focusing on the right campaigns and pulling the right levers at the right time, and creatively leveraging tools, their own skills, and other resources in order to help the revenue team exceed its goals.

The main obsessions for this role include...

  1. Being a leader of "eating our own dog food" to produce consistently high-quality marketing for Mojo via Inbound and Account-based Marketing approaches
  2. Creatively find different ways to generate more brand awareness for Mojo
  3. Work with sales function to drive engagement and help close accounts on the target account list (using ABM best practices)
  4. Create a continual flow of MQL's
  5. Create, manage and report on campaign and goal progress
  6. Showcase marketing ROI
  7. Lead all offline marketing activities
  8. Support Channel Marketing initiatives

Core competencies & Character Traits that make a great Digital Marketing Manager for Mojo are:

  • Autonomous
  • Curious in nature
  • Self-starter
  • Campaign-driven
  • Competitive
  • Creative
  • Results-oriented
  • Deadline obsessed
  • Change-agent
  • Fast-paced
  • Detail-oriented

Mojo's Tech & Channels

Mojo leverages the following core technology with our clients and for our own marketing. The DMM should be experienced with some if not all of the following tech or like-minded tech: HubSpot (Sales, Marketing, and Service Hubs + CMS), Drift, Terminus, Demandbase, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Costello, Salesforce; Promotional Channels (Paid & Organic): LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Podcasting, Google AdWords, Offline event marketing, *All social, blogging, email marketing produced and scheduled via HubSpot

Daily activities to turn this role into reality include, but are not limited to:

Dream-up & Design

The DMM should constantly design new ideas to help productize and take Mojo’s products and services to market in cutting-edge ways with a campaign and growth-focused mindset. Designing all plans to achieve the revenue team’s goals is the driving force behind Mojo’s bullet train to revenueville.


A true project planner at heart, the DMM can take an end-goal and work backwards to scope milestones, steps, and develop a detailed project framework in order to deliver on the goal at hand.


Follow-through is the DMM’s middle name. They leverage their own talents, the revenue team’s talents, and the contract bench to deliver on assets to turn plans into a reality. Obsessed with The Mojo Way, the DMM always analyzes results, and never settles… is a true promotion and optimization nerd! Getting found isn’t enough, it’s all about quality conversions and attracting target accounts!


Beyond role-fit, all Mojo Makers are continuously measured for culture and organizational fit if you …

  • Live all six core values 80%+ of the time (Creativity, Passion, Reliability, Conscious Collaboration, Professional Development, Ridiculous Results as defined here)
  • Get it, want it, & have the skill & mental capacity to do it
  • Get your work done on time, to quality expectations, via The Mojo Way while tracking your time while exhibiting what it takes to excel in a ROWE environment
  • Are focused on delivering our mission of Helping Our Clients Grow Smarter with a revenue and growth-oriented mindset


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All candidates should be both a skill and culture fit! 3 PILLARS OF MOJO'S CULTURE