Digital Marketing Internships

We’re super glad you're considering joining our team as an intern. We genuinely need your help to continue being successful. If you want to specialize in something below, we can do that, if you're not sure what you want to be when you grow up, hey, that's cool too! Apply, and if you're a good fit, we will discuss how to tailor your internship to be what the agency and you need it to be!

Graphic Design

Do you want to put those design skills to work for actual clients? Mojo Media Labs has an opportunity for you to exercise your skill with colors, shapes, text, and other design elements for landing pages, long-form content (e-books and white papers), blogs, ads, and more.

We use Adobe, Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

HTML and CSS are nice, too, but not required.


Can you explain a complex concept in seven words or less? Can you then expand on that concept for 10 pages without putting the reader to sleep? Can you define difficult topics for any level of audience?

How do you feel about the Oxford comma? Are you itching to abandon some of those grammar rules?

We have a diverse set of clients that have a variety of content needs written in different voices and multiple levels of complexity. If you want to be part of the content machine at Mojo Media labs you need to bring your A-game, a sense of humor, and a sense of when not to use it.


Are you glued to Facebook? Do you find yourself constantly refreshing Twitter? Do your hashtags have hashtags? Well, put the phone down and come put those skills to work in real-life at Mojo Media Labs!

As a social media intern, you will need to have a working knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. You’ll also need to be a great writer, have the ability to be creative, flexible and to think outside of the box. Social media moves fast and is constantly changing so you have to be able to keep up! Also, a great sense of humor will help. We like to laugh around here.

You’ll help our team develop social media content and strategies for our very diverse set of clients. Though social media is often filled with casual conversation, you will have to use the various platforms professionally in an effort to best suit our client needs.


Do you love to spend your days researching, taking sales calls, and challenging yourself to exceed your goals day-over-day? As a Sales Development Rep and Assist. Researcher Intern, you will learn how and be challenged to help Mojo Media Labs fill our pipeline with Sales Qualified Leads based on specific ICP (ideal customer profile) criteria by interesting them with our ability to support their Inbound Marketing and Account-based Marketing goals. You will leverage emails, calls, and social media selling tools to introduce and/or nurture brands to partner with Mojo Media Labs.