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Book an Energizing Speaker on Culture, Leadership, Sales and Marketing


Envisioned by entrepreneur, professor and author R. Michael Rose, the Return on Energy® methodology has been developed, implemented and perfected the most effective inbound marketing and sales techniques around today. With a history of powerfully effective speeches at world-class companies and conferences, his easy-to-understand methodologies and tools have been applied in thousands of interactions with people at every career stage. Learn more about Mike's story.



Sales and Marketing

Learn the top things CEOs must know about today’s digital marketing landscape, as well as best practices to effectively align sales and marketing to produce optimal business results. Laser focus your efforts by building alignment and putting an emphasis on sales enablement vs. conduct random acts of marketing to hyper-accelerate your growth. 


Leadership & your ROE®

Micro-management is a thing of the past. Now it’s all about leadership. Mike speaks on the different ways to lead in today's landscape from micro-mentorship, articulating your vision, and institutionalizing the three ways of thinking and communicating for your organization as Mike details in his book, Return on Energy.


Culture & Engagement

Culture and employee engagement isn't all "fluffy". At Mojo Media Labs, under Mike Rose's leadership, we've learned to create a culture of habit and intention by focusing on what matters most to our people - from helping them grow smarter, to practicing transparent financials, to being a certified Results Only Work Environment, learn proven practices that have yielded us a 92 eNPS score. 



Mike is the founder and CEO of Mojo. Mike serves as a visionary, practitioner and mentor for Mojo and its people. Mike speaks at conferences, seminars and conducts Return On Energy® Workshops across the country. He is also a guest writer for Forbes, Inc.com, HubSpot and a regular guest on Fox News. Mike is a life-learner and dedicates himself to organizations such as Vistage and the Small Giants Community. When he's not at the Mojo offices, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and Mojo COO, Nikole, and their four kiddos in Southlake, Texas. Mike enjoys spending his "me-time" reading business books, articles, case studies, and working out.

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