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Energizing Speaker - Modern Topics Spanning Culture, Marketing & Sales

Envisioned by entrepreneur, professor and author R. Michael Rose, the Return on Energy® methodology has been developed, implemented and perfected the most effective inbound marketing and sales techniques around today. With a history of powerfully effective speeches at world-class companies and conferences, his easy-to-understand methodologies and tools have been applied in thousands of interactions with people at every career stage.

Some topics Mike speaks about

Inbound Marketing

Learn the top things CEOs must know about today’s digital marketing landscape, as well as best practices and trends for running successful inbound marketing programs.


Learn how to effectively blend sales and marketing together for optimal results via sales enablement.

ROE® Basics

A foundational 60-90-minute seminar about Return on Energy, this fun, light-hearted program covers the basic elements of ROE and the three ways of thinking and communicating, as well as how they are positioned within the organization.


Micro-management is a thing of the past. Now it’s all about micro-mentorship. With this session, you’ll discover the different ways to be the leader your employees always wanted.

Employee Engagement

Micro-management is a thing of the past. Now it’s all about micro-mentorship. With this session, you’ll discover the different ways to be the leader your employees always wanted.

What people are saying about Mike

"I was at the inspiring talk about Return on Energy given by Michael Rose. Michael presented many fascinating observations that helped me to understand the common reasons for misunderstandings in the human communication. These misunderstandings are the main cause of inefficiencies in the business world. I am glad that I had the chance to attend to this eye-opening talk.”

- Le T. Nguyen, Data Scientist, Uber

"Michael's revolutionary Return On Energy and the Rose Methodology has literally changed the way I see the world and the people around me. There's usually so much fog and clutter in communications and in our perceptions, but what Michael is able to show you in almost no time at all is a way to cut right through it like you have X-ray vision. Suddenly you see how to communicate with others and how to most effectively take an idea to action. It is a game changer like I've never experienced. ROE now informs my every decision and my every action."

- Trey Garrison, Founder, Far Ranger Consulting

"I have been to a couple of leadership retreats and seminars, but they do not compare to the interaction that Mr. Rose presented with his workshop! The details and organization were great attention grabbers and eye catching that taught new concepts."
– Markeya Williams, Tarrant County College
"This program takes an abstract concept and solidifies the aspects of business vision, management and execution into digestible and actionable concepts. My hope and confidence is that his knowledge will empower me to implement change with certainty and longevity."
– Stephen Pullen, Magellan Group
"Mike’s ideas completely revolutionized the way I approach managing employees as well as volunteers. Grateful for his contribution to thought leadership."
– Dale Gillian, The Grove
"Dynamic and engaging – instantly applicable for the rest of your life."
– Dallas Crilley, Real News PR


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