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What's Trending on Social Media? [Quick Tip]

July 1, 2015 Stephanie Fisher

Everyone wants to know what’s trending on social media so they can latch onto the topic and gain more views. Hopping aboard a trending topic, when it's appropriate and relevant to do so, shows you're paying attention. You want to engage with people on social media about current events. 

How do you know what’s trending on a daily basis? 

Here are some of the places to check in the morning and throughout the day to see what is trending.

Twitter - Check the trending topics on the sidebar (you can personalize your location or see what’s trending in the whole USA.)

Facebook - Facebook recently released its own trending topics sidebar. When you click on a topic you can see posts from your friends and popular Facebook Pages. 

Reddit - It’s not called the front page of the internet for nothing. Everything I see on the first couple pages of reddit’s home page will end up all over the internet. 

BuzzFeed Trending - Everyone loves BuzzFeed, they completely nail social media. After checking their trending page be sure to see what’s new on their home page. 

What’s Trending - Videos that are going viral.

Mashable - My favorite blog for what’s going on in the world and the world of social media, tech, business, and more. 

Check these sites and other news sites that are specific to your industry. 

Don’t feel the need to post about every single trending topic. Pick and choose the topics that are most relevant to your industry and most interesting to your fans. (Also make sure it’s super shareable). Once you have a trending topic you’d like to post about, make sure you use the keywords and #tags associated with the topic so it can be found.


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Stephanie Fisher

Stephanie Fisher

Steph leads our client delivery team and is obsessed with delivering quality work, creating an efficiency machine, and mastering the tools and disciplines to achieve success for our heroes. At home, she loves listening to true crime podcasts, playing with her daughters and two pugs, and singing in a local rock band with her husband.

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