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What Does an Ideal Inbound Marketing Team Structure Look Like?

November 8, 2016 Daniel Berry


As we've discussed on our blog before, there are many needed skillsets to execute an inbound sales and marketing program. But is it possible to get all of them from one individual, or do you need a team? What we've found is that it's extremely difficult to hire one person to run an inbound marketing program (minus sales integration) — unless they’re superhuman. (We call those people "unicorns," because they simply don't exist.) In today's modern marketing world, you really need a team.

The Ideal Inbound Marketing Team Structure

At Mojo, we’ve spent years perfecting the inbound team structure and configured one that’s been really successful for our clients. We organize our client teams with the following four roles:

  1. Strategic Engagement Manager – Every team needs a leader and inbound marketing is no different. The strategist for our inbound marketing teams spend most of their time thinking about “big picture” strategy for your marketing efforts, collaborating with your subject matter experts and keeping everyone on their team focused on delivering results.
  2. Inbound Specialist – As the name implies, this role is specialized in all things inbound. From creating workflows and optimizing your website to monitoring social media activity and creating campaign strategies, the IS for our teams will help you stay current on inbound marketing best practices.
  3. Content Writer – Content is one of the most important parts of your marketing portfolio. The CW for our teams should be able to churn out high-quality content offerings with ease, as well as have knowledge about tactics like SEO and keywords.
  4. Digital Designer – Our teams also have a master in all things visual. The DD creates engaging designs for blogs, long-form content, websites and more. They also have some light coding ability and can provide valuable input on user interfaces and user experience.
  5. Account Coordinator – Finally, it helps to have someone who’s all about operations and running a tight ship. The coordinator for our teams is driven to keep the team informed and productive.


Each of these team members has a crucial role in the continuous cycle of inbound marketing that we’ve developed: Content > Promotion > Analytics > Insight. If you’re considering implementing inbound marketing internally, consider building a team with a similar structure. Or, you can outsource your inbound marketing to an agency that already has it. Either way, it will help you get the most out of your inbound marketing.

Looking for help with setting up a successful inbound marketing team? 

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