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We ❤️ These 6 New HubSpot Features

December 4, 2020 Evan Cox

2020 has been quite the experience for all of us. Whether it’s meant booming business or a quick pivot (perhaps a little of both?), hardly anyone in the marketplace has escaped this year without navigating a cavalcade of changes. 

And when it comes to sales and marketing, there’s a lot at stake if we’re not keeping pace with the speed of change. Stalled growth. Declining profit margins. Empty pipelines. You know, all things we want to avoid. 

We work each and every day to keep our clients armed with cutting edge strategies that get results in a landscape that is both ever-changing and ripe with opportunity for companies that realize it. 

That’s exactly why we recommend, utilize, and implement HubSpot’s suite of services for so many of our clients. They are known in the marketplace for innovation and best-in-class services that bring everything you need out of a marketing CRM (and quite frankly more) directly to your fingertips. 

If this happens to be your first introduction into the world of HubSpot, never fear. We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know. Plus, we’re a HubSpot Diamond Partner.

And in that same innovative spirit, we want to share with you a few of our favorite new features HubSpot has added in 2020. (See, there’s more to this year than just politics and pandemics).


  1. A Beefed Up Report Builder
    Even though this one’s in Beta, we couldn’t help ourselves. It had to make the list. Why? You ought to be able to connect your marketing efforts directly to your bottom line. Moving forward, content like emails, ads, social posts, and more will all add to the rich vault of data living on your platform. We firmly believe that data isn’t simply a list of reports or numbers. It’s a story begging to be told when you know how to use it.

  2. Scalable Pricing for Marketing Hubs
    We love that HubSpot is making an investment in each and every user by only requiring them to pay for the marketing contacts they need, when they need them. And better yet? There’s still free storage for up to one million non-marketing contacts. We’ve had to adjust so many times in 2020. I’m sure you have to. Features like this allow for flexibility and adaptability as you see the need arise.

  3. Account-Based Marketing Is Armed with New Tools
    For all of our friends and clients in B2B, prioritizing the right accounts, personalizing interactions, coordinating efforts, and measuring performance are all crucial. Here are the details on what they’re unlocking.

  4. CRM-Powered Marketing Sees New Features
    Unlike decades past, marketing now lives on a level playing field. Everyone has access to the same sets of tools and resources if they want them. The key to breaking through is knowing which tools to use, the right levers to pull, and understanding the power of personalization. With an ever-growing mound of marketing efforts coming in hot and heavy on the daily, customers are drawn to messaging that feels human. To do that, we need the right data.

  5. Changes to HubSpot’s Content Management Software
    Our work with clients like you continues to affirm that websites are important. However, even with a stellar website, it’s the organizations who focus on a holistic online experience for their audiences that win the day. HubSpot continues to make strides in this area by updating their CMS suite to offer developers the flexibility and horsepower they need, while ensuring marketers and IT professionals are satisfied with the speed and ease of use to deliver on that remarkable experience.

  6. A New and Improved Solutions Directory
    The network of apps and solutions partners is a big win for any business utilizing the power of HubSpot. Whether it’s seamless collaboration with third party apps, or finding someone to take the reins and implement HubSpot throughout your organization, this directory is simpler to navigate.
    Shameless plug alert: We take pride in practicing what we preach which is why we’ve just recently launched our very own HubSpot theme, called MojoFlex. We believe it’s time for our friends and clients to finally stop reinventing the website wheel. Inside this theme, we’ve taken all of the lessons, best practices, and results we’ve seen from clients just like you and baked it all into the very fabric of this theme. Thanks for sticking with us through this not so humble brag

The reality is, when we see clients get results, we feel a responsibility to make those strategies more accessible to businesses far and wide. This is just another way of standing up for business leaders in the trenches like you.



Evan Cox

Evan Cox

Evan is obsessed with creating the marketing efforts clients need to serve their audience well. He knows that when we position their end users and customers in the spotlight, they feel valued and our clients see great results. Evan also loves watching football (Go Chiefs!) and spending time outdoors with his family and friends.

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