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SEO Myth #11: Your Website Homepage Needs a Lot of Content

June 9, 2016 Daniel Berry



SEO has changed a lot over the years. Many marketers these days aren’t sure what’s outdated, what’s important what will actually move the needle and what’s simply wasted effort. Part of that is due to several SEO myths out there. Fortunately, we’re here to debunk several of them, starting with Myth #11: Your Website Homepage Needs a Lot of Content. Then we’ll show you how our website homepage compares to this myth.

(For the first 10 myths, be sure to download our e-guide, “Debunked: 10 SEO Myths to Avoid in 2016.")

Myth: Your Website Homepage Needs a Lot of Content

Reality: Your Website Homepage Needs the Right Amount of Content

Have you ever come across a homepage littered with copy? Or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, a homepage with barely any content at all? Think of your homepage as the gateway to your business. Visualize it! This is your chance to make a first impression and convey what you’re all about. Maybe your value proposition is simplicity — in that case, just a single login makes sense (especially if your name is Dropbox).

For most marketers, however, there is a need for a bit more content and context than that. Your homepage content should be long enough to clarify who you are, what you do, where you’re located (if you’re local), your value proposition, and what visitors should do next. These visitors should leave satisfied, not overwhelmed or underwhelmed — and certainly not confused.

How Mojo Embraces Reality

If you’ve seen our homepage, you’ll notice that it isn’t overloaded with content. It’s visually appealing and only has copy that makes sense while aligning with our marketing strategy. Here’s a breakdown of each section of our homepage.

Above the fold, we have a nice open area with our name and who we are. Right after that, we have a call-to-action to the latest offer we’re promoting. As you can see, there isn’t a ton of copy:

After that, we continue utilizing open space, but get into a little more copy to explain what we do and how inbound marketing works. We also have our second call-to-action: a link to our inbound marketing guide:


Next, we move into talking about our culture. Since Passion, Creativity and Results stand out, the descriptions aren’t visually obtrusive, but we still get the point across:


Being a HubSpot Platinum partner is one of our proudest accomplishments and is a big reason why we represent Texas on the Fifty States of Inbound Marketing. We draw attention to this partnership in this section:


Finally, we give our contact information and links to social media accounts. That’s it!


A homepage doesn’t need to be copy-heavy to be effective for SEO — as apparent by our high ranking for “Texas Inbound Marketing” in Google — so consider this myth debunked. Be sure to stay tuned to our blog for the next myth we tackle, Myth #12: The More Pages for Your Website, The Better.

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