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Sales & Marketing: Two Love Stories

February 1, 2017 Daniel Berry

The relationship between sales and marketing has always been, well… “complicated.” Sometimes the two work wonderfully together, but more often than not it seems like the two are moving in opposite directions. Consider the following statistics: 

  • Only 22% of companies have a formal SLA between marketing and sales. (HubSpot) 
  • Only 5% of salespeople said leads they received from marketing were very high quality. (HubSpot) 
  • 87% of the terms sales and marketing use to describe each other are negative. (Corporate Executive Board) 
  • 59% of marketers say they provide salespeople with their best quality leads, while salespeople rank marketing-sourced leads last. (HubSpot) 

As you can see, there’s definitely a disconnection. With inbound sales and marketing, however, the relationship has changed. While traditional sales and marketing is more like dating, inbound sales and marketing is more like a long-term relationship with both sides invested in the future and making it work. Here’s how these two “love stories” typically work out in the end: 

Mojo_Sales & Marketing Infographic.png

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