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Reflection on My Summer Internship at Mojo Media Labs

August 30, 2018 Morgan Minshew

Mojo-blog-header-Morgan End of Internship

It is hard to believe this summer is almost over. Time really does fly, especially when you are keeping busy by learning valuable digital marketing skills surrounded by the best workplace culture I could imagine. In a response to my first team member blog, I wanted to reflect on this past summer, and share some of the valuable insights I gained:

Prioritization is an Art

Every job requires time management skills and the ability to prioritize work. When finding yourself in a new position, it takes time to acquire a sense of priority and timing. These skills are not learned overnight. It is critical to reach out to those around you for guidance until you develop an understanding of what takes importance and when.

Working at Mojo Media Labs for my internship has brought this to my attention. By the second week, I was already feeling the struggle of prioritizing, and to be honest, I still feel it sometimes. That said, I have since discovered tools to help with the stress of prioritizing. Project managers and project management systems are critical in an agency environment.

I am incredibly thankful for our project manager, Macy. On more occasions than I can count, I would either message her via Slack (a general office messaging app) or quite literally roll over to her desk (which was placed next to mine). She was more than willing to assist me in prioritizing my tasks to ensure I would be able to complete my work.

We also utilized Teamwork, a system to help keep projects organized, on time, and provide an excellent method for communication on project matters. Using teamwork and help from project managers, I have been able to develop my ability to prioritize and get work done as efficiently as possible.

Company Culture is Key

Find a place where you love going to work every day. I have found this place to be Mojo Media Labs.

Making valuable connections with coworkers enables better collaboration and a more positive workplace. With strong leadership, these connections are made possible. At Mojo Media Labs, Ashton is our Director of Culture & First Impressions. Let me start by saying that EVERY workplace needs an Ashton — just don’t take ours! While she wears many hats, her ability to create a remarkable culture throughout the office is amazing. Always there to lend an ear, provide advice, and put a smile on your face, I can’t imagine work without Ashton. From the first day to the last, all of the “Mojo Makers” have made me feel welcome, comfortable, and valued. When you find a company filled with hardworking individuals that are passionate about what they do, amazing work is done, and a great company culture develops.

An open workspace also helps by setting the stage for a better company culture by providing an area for collaboration, creativity, and learning opportunities among all members of the team. At Mojo Media Labs the brand journalists, digital designers, project manager, and brand managers all share an open workspace. As an intern I have been able to benefit first hand from the learning opportunities this provides by joining different “Mojo Makers” at their desks for quick lessons involving projects they are working on in their areas of expertise.

Make the Most of Every Opportunity

When interning, take every opportunity you can to gain a deeper understanding of the industry and discover where you best fit. You may uncover a hidden talent or skill. Internships are a fantastic time to learn about different roles in your area of interest. Being able to try out different positions and discover what is most fitting for your skill set presents such a fantastic opportunity.

This past summer I have been able to learn about writing social copy, quality checking websites, developing blogs and other types of content, social media scheduling and monitoring, and the process for search engine optimization (SEO) audits.

A Skill I Picked up By Trying New Things: Organic Social Media Management

By the end of my second week, I had already completed several social calendars and learned how to schedule social media posts utilizing HubSpot, the platform we use for Inbound Marketing. HubSpot allows me to schedule posts across multiple social channels at a chosen date and time. After being posted, HubSpot gives us the ability to see stats on these posts such as how many clicks they have had. This useful information gives us insight into what topics and types of content are favored by followers so we can continue to tailor our content strategy to create inbound traffic to websites.

As the summer continued, I began to gain a better understanding of the most fitting role for my skills and how to further grow my skill set for this role. I couldn’t have done this without the opportunities to learn from those around me, and learn about multiple facets of marketing.

Finding a Mentor is Critical to Success

From the beginning of my internship to the very end, I have been lucky enough to sit next to my Mojo Mentor, James. As a brand authority journalist, James has excellent experience in content writing and has been kind enough to take me under his wing. James has helped me discover my enjoyment for social media marketing and continues to help me develop my skill set. Despite having a busy schedule of his own, James always managed to make time to listen to my thoughts, advise me on my challenges (such as writer's block), collaborate with me on content best practices, and congratulate me on my successes. Finding a mentor is extremely helpful, not only in an internship, but in any position.

A Learning Experience from James’ Mentorship: How to Write for Multiple Brands

Writing for different brands is a lot like writing for a person. Each company has its own personality, and I quickly realized I needed to learn who our clients are to be an effective writer when supporting our Brand Authority Journalists with content. Learning about each of our clients entailed learning about their industry, topics of interest among their audience, keywords they prefer to use, words they want to avoid, their style/tone, voice, and the cadence in which they post to the social-sphere. As I gained a deeper understanding of each client, I was better able to write content that was fitting to the client and appealed to their personas.

Although I have mentioned only a few of the individuals that made my summer internship so special, every individual at Mojo Media Labs took the time to make me feel welcome, share with me their knowledge of marketing, and helped me grow as a marketer. I truly couldn’t have asked for a better internship experience. I look forward to taking the knowledge I have acquired back to Baylor with me for my senior year as I continue to work remotely for Mojo Media Labs.

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