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Treat Growing Pains

April 16, 2011 Mike Rose

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I had a participant in a Return on Energy™ workshop recently ask; why would I knowingly put a Way Two thinker in a Way Three seat? What a great question!

The unemployment rate is so high right now that some people are willing to take on any work for a paycheck. If someone is overqualified for their job, do you think they will be happy and stay long term? Probably not...unless the organization is changing so rapidly that the rate of organizational growth catches up with their thinking and the seat they occupy. Placing a Way Two thinker in a Way Three seat could have great benefits in the short term, but if managed properly, the long term benefits could be tremendous to both the person and the organization!

Maybe there is a big idea being developed. Having a well-balanced team with a group of qualified thinkers would be an insurance policy to help make this said 'big idea' implementable, tied to a plan and ultimately to the desired business objective. Many organizations, particularly startups cannot afford to hire over qualified people for critical entry level positions. Not to mention, finding someone even willing to do it. So, how would you accomplish this? Share the vision that encompasses the big idea.

I ultimately told the workshop participant "if" it is important to have someone who can see and contribute to the bigger picture, then it would be a great fit. But, if the position you desire to fill is to perform a task and go home then it would not be a good fit.

Employing ROE will keep the people of the organization a step-ahead of the rate of the development of the organization. This method will reduce the growing pains to, "hey, this will only hurt for a minute" instead of years of chronic pain.

Thank you for investing your time to read my blog.

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