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6 Stellar Pillar Page Examples to Recreate on Your Own Website

June 18, 2019 Lizzie Hoffman


Writing pillar pages might not seem easy for the faint of heart; each is a labor of love and hard work to gather the right content and create a comprehensive mini-guide based on a central topic to your SEO strategy. In fact, to help you decipher the code to creating pillar pages, we wrote a blog on the basics of pillar pages and topic clusters – check out "How to Create a Pillar Page" here.

But once you’ve got the basics down to creating good pillar pages, how can you level up your pillar pages to become great? Does one layout work better than another? How many statistics tip the scale in your favor as a topic authority? We’ve gathered 6 of our most impactful, and quite frankly our favorite, pillar pages we’ve created for clients over the years to help inspire your next beacons of SERP ranking success.


6 Pillar Pages We Love

1. A Pillar Page That Educates

Topic: PCI compliance
Client: Ivrnet
Pillar Page: Over the Phone Credit Card Fraud: A PCI Compliance Guide for Business and Government

PCI compliance can get pretty technical, but with a comprehensive page like this one on the Ivrnet website, the steps to ensuring companies meet PCI compliance standards are laid out in a simple format. There are even tips regarding how to avoid over-the-phone credit card fraud and best practices for engaging in business transactions.

Our favorite part is that this page is available as a downloadable guide for audiences to reference whenever they like. Packaging a pillar page into downloadable content makes a great resource for audiences and keeps your business top of mind as companies can reference your information whenever they need it.

2. A Pillar Page to Showcase Industry Authority

Client: The Vomela Companies
Pillar Page: Healthcare Graphics & Marketing

Industry pages are a pretty typical pillar page topic for businesses, especially B2B companies. For The Vomela Companies, we helped them create in-depth pillar pages about some of their most popular industries, one of which being healthcare. The pillar page highlights a number of successful case studies to build credibility in a highly regulated industry. After all, healthcare facilities can’t trust just any company to partner with.

Again, the page is available as a downloadable PDF guide to help decision-makers in healthcare marketing positions back up their decision to choose Vomela as their primary print graphics partner for everything from wayfinding signage to pediatric care graphics. But what also makes this unique is the presence of some other special tidbits including:

  • a download CTA
  • table of contents
  • multiple conversion opportunities throughout the page

3. A Pillar Page to Educate Buyers in the Buying Journey

Client: Rochester Homes, Inc.
Buying a Modular Home
Pillar Page: Complete Guide to Buying a Modular Home

Buying a home can be stressful, but with the Complete Guide to Buying a Modular Home, home buyers have a step-by-step resource to help them feel comfortable throughout the entire process. The guide provides key definitions for buyers as well as benefits of purchasing a modular home over traditional methods and process highlights to keep them informed at every point of the journey.

From definitions to finance tips, the transparency Rochester Homes, Inc illustrates on its website helps home buyers see the results they want in the end. They provide vital information to home buyers that places them at the top of the knowledgeable companies list and the page doubles as a useful sales tool for the Rochester Homes sales team!

4. A Digestible, Yet Robust Resource Pillar Page

Client: IRTA
Advocating for Teachers
Pillar Page: How You Can Advocate for Teachers and Better Education in Indiana

By no means the longest pillar page we’ve ever created, it’s comprehensive nonetheless. This page was built for retired teachers in Indiana looking to improve the caliber of teachers across the state. A Table of Contents helps audiences stay on track and anchored links take them to the sections that truly pique their interests. A unique point about this pillar page is the number of internal links to other IRTA content. Good pillar pages provide comprehensive content, but great pillar pages link to other content to help readers gain a better understanding of the topic and give excellent SEO value to the page itself. Remember, internal linking structures are critical for SEO success.

5. A Blended Approach Pillar Page

Client: BFO
Food & Beverage Industry
Pillar Page: Build Your Best Food & Beverage Digital Marketing Program

Another example of a great industry pillar page, this one has a more unique layout than its previously listed counterparts. Additionally, it showcases an offer at the top related to the industry but isn’t a downloadable pdf of the page itself. Multiple contact CTAs and internal links to related content create a comprehensive resource hub for any and all food and beverage industry companies looking for ways to get their business found online.

Pillar pages like this showcase how to be a total resource for companies without overwhelming audiences with more copy than they might need for a given topic. A well-planned mix of graphic imagery with appropriate alt-text and internal linking schemes intertwined with appropriate content fit the bill well for a paid media business like BFO.

6. A Truly Bookmarkable Pillar Page

Client: Mojo Media Labs (hey, that's us!)
Account-Based Marketing
Pillar Page: Account-Based Marketing

We couldn’t end this blog without giving a little love to one of our own pillar pages. We’re always hoping to help businesses achieve their account-based marketing goals while being their prime resource for the topic, so our ABM pillar page contains plenty of links to relevant content interspersed between comprehensive copy on ABM. CTAs are present throughout that will put you in touch with one of our ABM experts.

To take it one step further, we even created and linked to an account-based marketing resource hub for audiences interested in really diving into the ABM content we couldn’t fit on the pillar page. Not a bad idea, right?


Pillar Pages Can Pack a Punch!

Not all pillar pages are created equal, but they should be well-researched, comprehensive web pages that serve as learning resources for audiences as well as tools to boost your SERP ranking and salespeople’s arsenal of materials. Learn more about the basics of pillar pages and how to ensure yours performs at its peak to achieve your business goals.

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