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Our Podcast Hardware/Software Shopping List

March 25, 2019 Allison Gibbs

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As you may know, Mojo Media Labs delivers a weekly digital marketing podcast called Made You Click. It's designed for marketing directors and CMOs and provides a weekly update with trends and insights in digital marketing.

made you click

If you're ready to dive into creating a podcast for your brand, just know that WE FULLY SUPPORT YOU. It's a great idea. One of the first questions we get asked is "what is your tech set up?"

Ours has evolved over the years, from our original show SpinRadio to our latest show Made You Click, our tech specs have upgraded a bit. But we started out with more humble microphones and we even know many successful podcasters who make amazing content with a very simple set up (think directly recording into your laptop via a set of Apple ear buds). 

That said, here is our current set up:


Let's start with hardware. We have three microphones in the studio (with stands), a mixer, a pre-amp, a compressor, headphones, some converter boxes, all the necessary cables and an iMac as our sound station. Here are the exact items:

This may seem like a lot of stuff. However, these mics sound amazing and the additional hardware really takes it up a notch. If you want a professional-sounding podcast, it's well worth the investment.

The hard part is connecting everything together and getting your settings right. Since it's pretty much impossible to do that here in this article, my recommendation is to find a local sound engineer in your network of friends and family and have him/her come in for an hour and get everything configured.


Now for software. We use Spreaker and love it. I am constantly puzzled with how little love Spreaker gets in the podcasting community. We've been using it since the beginning and it's been amazing. Here is why I love it:

  • Great user interface
  • Great (and great-looking) embeddable widget options
  • Ability to broadcast LIVE
  • Built-in sound board with music and sound effects
  • Ability to publish your podcast as iPhone/Android apps
  • Great analytics

We happen to broadcast live but that's pretty unusual. I'm not expecting you to want to do that (thought it does add some energy to the show!). Spreaker does a great job if you want to pre-record your shows, too. It provides the production and hosting in one solution.

So if you're ready to get your professional podcast off the ground and you want to built a nice studio that sounds great, this list should get you started. And don't forget to subscribe to SpinRadio for weekly digital marketing trends and insights.

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Allison Gibbs

Allison Gibbs

Allison found her love for marketing while studying business alongside her theatre degree at Indiana University. She loves offering simple solutions to complex problems (and tacos). In her down time, she loves a good run and staying involved in theatre (which landed her in a SuperBowl halftime show alongside Madonna)

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